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despise the Gentiles. As be preachetb Christ to Cornelius and his Company, the Holy Ghost falleth

on them, and they are baptized. To which is annexed, Prophecies in the Old Testament

relating to the Calling and Conversion of the Gentiles, and the Completion thereof; as appears by the Hifto

ry of the Acts, and the Épiftles of the Apoftles 400 C H A P. XI. CHAP. XII. CHA P. XIII.

410 CH A P. XIV. CH A P. XV. CH A P. XVI.

419 CH A P. XVII.

422 CH A P. XVIII.

425 CH A P. XIX.

427 CHA P. XX.

430 CHA P. XXI.


443 CHA P. XXVI.



414 416

436 438





Note, The Contents of the Chapters of the Acts of

the APOSTLES, to which no References are annexed, are not here inserted, being put before every Chapter


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HE DIVINITY of our Saviour is clearly
Proved by many Prophecies in the Old
Testament, relating to the PROMISED
Messiah; and the Time of his coming
into the World, more plainly made

known by the Appearance of ANGELS, and Voices from Heaven, which proclaimed Him to be the Son of God.

His Divine and ALMIGHTY POWER, is evinced by the Miracles he wrought ; in his healing all manner of Diseases, giving Sight to the Blind, raising the Dead, &c. See Chapter of Miracles.

Our Saviour asserts his Deity in his Discourses with the Pharisees, and when He was examined by the High Priest and Sanhedrin, whether He was the Messiah.

This Truth is established by his RESURRECTION : This all the Apostles believed, and preached both to Jews and Gentiles, and Devils confessed; and is the



i. I.

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xlv. I.


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Basis of the Christian Religion; as appears from the Prophecies in the Old Tef

1 following Texts.

tament, describing the

Deity of the MESSIAH. Fohn

N the BEGINNING Psalm Y Heart is inditing was the WORD,

a good Matter, I and the Word was which I have made touching the

speak of the Things with God, and the WORD KING. WAS GOD.

2. Thou art fairer than the Chil2. The same was in the dien of Men : GRACE is poured

into thy Lips : thei efore God hach Beginning with God.

blessed thee for ever. 3. All Things were MADE 3. Gird thy Sword upon thy by Him, and without Him Thigh, 0 Most Mighty: with was not any thing made that thy Glory and thy MAJESTY.

4. And in thy Majetty ride prowas made.

sperously, because of TRUTH, and 4. In Him was Lipe, and MEEKNESS,, and RightEOUSthe Life was the Light of NESS: and thy right Hand shall

teach thee terrible Things. Men.

Pfalm Ixviii. 17. The Chariots of 5. And the Light shineth God are twenty thousand, even in Darkness, and the Dark thousands of ANGELS; the Lord is

among them as in Sinai, in the ness comprehended it not.

Holy Place. 6. There was a Man fent 18. Thou hast ASCENDED on from God, whose Name was high, thou haft led Captivity cap

tive : thou hast received Gitis for John:

Men; yea, for the REBELLIOUS 7. The same came for a alto, that the LORD God might Witness, to bear witness of dwell among them. the Light, that all Men fall down before him; all Nations

Psalm Ixxii. 11. All Kings shall through him might believe. hall serve him. 8. He was not that Light,

12. For he shall deliver the Neebut was sent to bear wit- and him that hath no Helper.

dy when he crieth; the Poor also, NESS of that Light.

14. He shall REDEEM their 9. That was the TRUE Soul from Deceit and Violence ; Light, which LIGHTETH lvis sight.

and precious shall thcir Blood be in every Man that cometh into

17. His Name Mall ENDURE for the World.

EVER ; his Name Nhall be conting10. Ke was in the World, ed as long as the Sun; and MEN

shall be blessed in him : all Naand the World was MADE tions Thall call him BLESSED. by him, and the World knew 19. And blested be his GLORIOUS him not :

NAME for ever and ever, and let 11. He came unto his own, his Glory.

the whole Earth bc filled with and his own received him not. Psalm xcvi. 2. Sing unto the

12. But as many as receiv- Lord, bless his Name : thew forth ed him, to them gave he bis Salvation from Day to Day. POWER

3. Declare


POWER to become the SONS 3. Declare his Glory among the of God, even to them that Hearhen, his WONDERS among all

People. BELIEVE on his Name : 4. For the Lord is GREAT, and

13. Which were born, not greatly to be praised; he is to be of Blood, nor of the Will of PEAKED above all Gods.

Prov. viii. 22. The Lord poffefFlesh, nor of the Will of sed me in the Beginning of his Man, but of God.

WAY, before his Works of OLD. 14. And the WORD was

23. I was set up from EVERmade Flesh, and dwelt among ever the EARTH was.

LASTING, from the Beginning, or us (and we beheld his Glo- 24. When there were no Depths, RY, the Glory as of the ONLY was brought forth ; when there

were no Fountains abounding with BEGOTTEN of the Father) Water. full of GRACE and Truth. 25. Before the Mountains were

Matt. xvi. 27. The Son settled; before the Hills was i of Man shall come in the

brought furth:

26. While as yet he had not made GLORY of his Father, with the Earth, nor the Fields, nor the his Angels, and then he shall highest part of the Dust of the

World. reward every Man according

27. When he prepared the Heato his Works.

VENS, I was there ; when he set Chap. xix. 28. And fefus Compass upon the face of the

a said unto them, Verily I say

Depth :

28. When he established the unto you,


ye which have Clouds above, when he strengthned followed me in the Regene- the Fountains of the Deep: ration, when the Son of Man Decree, that the Waters should not

29. When he gave to the Sea his Tall fit in the THRONE of pass his Commandment : when he his GLORY, ye also shall fit appointed the Foundations of the

Earth : upon twelve Thrones, judg

30. Then was I by him, as one ing the twelve Tribes of Is- brought up with him; and I was rael.

daily his Delight, rejoicing always Phil. ij. 5. Let this Mind before him : be in you, which was also in Part of his Earth, and my Delights

31. Rejoicing in the habitable Christ Jesus:

were with the Sons of Men. 6. Who being in the Form 32, Now therefore hearken unto of God, thought it not Rob- are they that keep my Ways.

me, O ye Children; for BLESSED bery to be EQUAL with GOD: 33. Hear Instruction, and be wise, 7. But made himself of no

and refuse it not. Reputation, and took upon eth me, watching daily at my Gates,

34. Blessed is the Man that hearhim the Form of a Servant, waiting at the posts of my Doors. and was made in the Like- 35. For whoso findeth me, find. nefs of Men:

eth LiFe,and shall obrain FAVOUR

of the Lord. 8. And being found in fa- 36. But he that SINNETH against Shion as a Man, he hum• ME, wrongeth' his own Soul ; all BLED himself, and became they that have me, love Deatu. obedient


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