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(a) Matth. Vt. 6. When thou Prayest, enter into thy Closet, and when thou hid shut thy Door, Pray to thy Father which it in Secret, and thy Father which seeth in Secret shall reward thee openly. Malt. xxi. zz. All things whatsoever ye (hall ask in Prayer, believing, ye shall receive. John xvi. 2.3. Whatsoever ye shall ash the Father in my Name, he will give it you. Ask, and ye shall receive, that your Joy may be full. Jam. v. 16. The esfeftual fervenc

Lord, that hear est Prayer, and to thee shall all come: Consider my Supplication; hearken unto the Voice of my Cry, my King and my God, (a) for unto thee will I pray. My Voice /halt thou hear Prayer of a righteous Man avail

i^.vi v*„„ r» T J 1 ethmuch. this. Iv. 6,7. Be care

in the Morn i N c j O Loro\ ful for nothing> bllt in 'every thing

in the Morning will I direct by Prayer and Supplication,

my Prayer unto thee, and with Thanksgiving, let your

Requests be made known unto God.

And the Peace of God, which oasfeth all Understanding, shall keep

your Hearts and Minds, through jesus Christ.

» Psalm v.

It this and the ensuing Prayers, the Expressions in the Singular w Plural Number of I er We, tsfe. may be varied as the Cireumrtquires.

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