The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonian, Medes and Persians, Macedonians and Grecians, Volume 8

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Pagina 107 - It may be said, this last quotation is not conclusive, since it does not indicate the manner in which the bucket was elevated — by a windlass 1 a pulley ] or by the hand alone 1 We have satisfactory evidence that it was by the latter.
Pagina 129 - ... window, from whence she threw down chains and cords. Antony was made fast to these, and Cleopatra, assisted by two women, who were the only persons she had brought with her to the tombs, drew him up.
Pagina 27 - Archimedes was going to discharge some dreadful machine upon them, renounced his hopes of being able to make a breach in the place, gave over his attacks, and turned the siege into a blockade. The Romans conceived...
Pagina 34 - From the Romans all their requests were easily obtained, and their safety ran no hazard from that quarter : there was more danger from...
Pagina 157 - Caesar the embassadors of the Jews are introduced into the senate, and obtain their whole request. The Jews of Asia confirmed in their privilege of not being compelled to serve in the wars. A comet seen in China. 43 Cleopatra poisons her brother when he comes of age to share the sovereign authority according to the laws. She afterwards declares for the Roman triumviri. The second triumvirate of Octavius, Antony and Lepidus began Nov. 27. Cicero put to death Dec. 7. Battle of Mutina. Cassius demands...
Pagina 27 - Shall we persist," said he, to his workmen and engineers, " in making war with this Briareus of a geometrician, who treats my galleys and sambuc╗ so rudely ? He infinitely exceeds the fabled giants •with their hundred hands, in his perpetual and surprising discharge upon us.
Pagina 36 - Syracuse, shut up in his closet like a man of another world, who hag no regard for what is passing in this, was intent upon the study of some geometrical figure, and not only his eyes, but the whole faculties of his soul, were so engaged in this contemplation, that he had neither heard the tumult of the Romans, universally busy in plundering, nor the report of the city's being taken.

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