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Friedrich Brandstetter, 1872 - 8 pagine
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Pagina 248 - Had I permitted myself any innovation upon the original term (Terra Australis), it would have been to convert it into Australia, as being more agreeable to the ear and an assimilation to the names of the other great portions of the earth.
Pagina 196 - ... having served under Captain Franklin for nearly seven years, in two successive voyages of discovery, I trust I may be allowed to say, that however high his brother officers may rate his courage and talents, either in the ordinary line of his professional duty, or in the field of discovery, the hold he acquires upon the affections of those under his command, by a continued series of the most conciliating attentions to their feelings, and an uniform and unremitting regard to their best interests,...
Pagina 237 - ... hay unas vegas las mas hermosas del mundo y cuasi semejables á las tierras de Castilla, antes estas tienen ventaja, por lo cual puso nombre á la dicha isla la Isla Española.
Pagina 58 - This was no more than a just tribute to my worthy friend and companion, for the extreme dangers and fatigues he had undergone in first entering it in the whale-boat, and to the correct judgment he had formed from various indications, of the existence of a wide opening between Van Diemen's Land and New South Wales.
Pagina 9 - Reise nach dem Ural, dem Altai und dem Kaspischen Meere auf Befehl Sr. Majestät des Kaisers von Russland im Jahre 1829 ausgeführt von A.
Pagina 189 - Wickham's permission, to call this new river after his name, thus perpetuating, by the most durable of monuments, the services and the career of one, in whom, with rare and enviable prodigality, are mingled the daring of the seaman, the accomplishments of the student, and the graces of the Christian — of whose calm fortitude in the hour of impending danger, or TIDE-BORE.
Pagina 9 - Die Erdkunde im Verhältniss zur Natur und zur Geschichte des Menschen, oder allgemeine vergleichende Geographie, als sichere Grundlage des Studiums und Unterrichts in physicalischen und historischen Wissenschaften.
Pagina 55 - It would be somewhat mortifying, if a naval power but of yesterday should complete a discovery in the nineteenth century, which was so happily commenced by Englishmen men in the sixteenth ; and another Vespucius run away with the honours due to a Columbus.
Pagina 141 - The other rocks near it were of a fine-grained sandstone: — a new feature in the geology of this part of the continent, which afforded us an appropriate opportunity of convincing an old shipmate and friend, that he still lived in our memory; and we accordingly named this sheet of water Port Darwin.
Pagina 8 - Voyage de découvertes aux terres australes exécuté sur les corvettes le Géographe, le Naturaliste...

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