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Aristotle. Ethica Nicomachea, recognovit brevique Adnotatione critica instruxit I. Bywater. 8vo. 6s. Also in crown 8vo, paper cover, 3s. 6d.

Contributions to the Textual Criticism of the Nicomachean Ethics. By I. Bywater. 2s. 6d.

Notes on the Nicomachean Ethics. By J. A. Stewart, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 32s.

Selecta ex Organo Aristoteleo Capitula. In usum Scholarum Academicarum. Crown 8vo, stiff covers. 3s. 6d.

De Arte Poetica Liber. Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instruxit I. Bywater, Litterarum Graecarum Professor Regius. Post 8vo, stiff covers, Is. 6d.

The Politics, with Introductions, Notes, &c., by W. L. Newman, M.A. Medium 8vo. Vols. I and II. 28s. net. Vols. III and IV. 28s. net.

The Politics, translated into English, with Introduction, Marginal Analysis, Notes, and Indices, by B. Jowett, M.A. Medium 8vo. 2 vols. 2IS. Aristoxenus.


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Tragoediae et

Fragmenta, ex recensione Guil. Dindorfii. Tomi II. 8vo. IOS.

Heracliti Ephesii Reliquiae. Recensuit I. Bywater, M.A. Appendicis loco additae sunt Diogenis Laertii Vita Heracliti, Particulae Hippocratei De Diaeta Lib. I., Epistolae Heracliteae. 8vo. 6s. Herodas. ΗΡΩΙΔΟΥ ΜΙΜΙAMBOI. The Mimes of Herodas. Edited, with Introduction, Critical Notes, Commentary, and Illustrations, by J. Arbuthnot Nairn, M.A. 8vo, 12s. 6d. net.

Herodotus. Books V and VI, Terpsichore and Erato. Edited, with Notes and Appendices, by Evelyn Abbott, M.A., LL.D. 8vo, with two Maps, 6s.

Homer. A Complete Concordance to the Odyssey and Hymns of Homer; to which is added a Concordance to the Parallel Passages in the Iliad, Odyssey, and Hymns. By Henry Dunbar, M.D. 4to. 21s.

A Grammar of the Homeric Dialect. By D. B. Monro, M.A. 8vo. Second Edition. 148. Ilias, ex rec. Guil. Dindorfii. 8vo.

5s. 6d. Scholia


Graeca Iliadem. Edited by W. Dindorf, after a new collation of the Venetian MSS. by D. B. Monro, M.A. 4 vols. 8vo. 50s.

Scholia Graeca


Iliadem Townleyana. Recensuit Ernestus Maass. 2 vols. 8vo. 36s.

Odyssea, ex rec. G.

Dindorfii. 8vo. 5s. 6d.




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Oxford: Clarendon Press,

Homer. Odyssey. Books XIIIXXIV. Edited with English Notes and Appendices, by D. B. Monro, M.A. 8vo. 16s.

Hymni Homerici. Codicibus denuo collatis recensuit Alfredus Goodwin. Small folio. With four Plates. 21s. net. Homeri Opera et Reliquiae. Monro. Crown 8vo. India Paper. Cloth, 18s. 6d. net.

Also in various leather bindings.

Plato. Apology, with a revised Text and English Notes, and a Digest of Platonic Idioms, by James Riddell, M.A. Svo. 8s. 6d.

Philebus, with a revised
Text and English Notes, by Edward
Poste, M.A. 8vo.
7s. 6d.


The Greek Text. Edited, with Notes and Essays, by B. Jowett, M.A., and Lewis Campbell, M.A. In three vols. Medium 8vo. 42s.

Sophistes and Politicus, with a revised Text and English Notes, by L. Campbell, M.A. 8vo. IOS. 6d.

Theaetetus, with a revised Textand English Notes, by L. Campbell, M.A. Second Edition. 8vo. 10s.6d.

The Dialogues, translated into English, with Analyses and Introductions, by B. Jowett, M.A. Third Edition. 5 vols. Medium 8vo. Cloth, 84s. ; half-morocco, 100S.

The Republic, translated into English, with Analysis and Introduction, by B. Jowett, M.A. Third Edition. Medium 8vo. 12s. 6d.; half-roan, 148.

Res Publica: recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit Ioannes Burnet. On 4to paper for marginal notes. IOS. 6d. With Introduction and Notes. By St. George Stock, M. A. Extra fcap. 8vo.

I. The Apology, 2s. 6d.

II. Crito, 2s. III. Meno, 2s. 6d.

Plato. Selections. With Introductions and Notes. By John Purves, M.A., and Preface by B. Jowett, M.A. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 5s.

A Selection of Passages from Plato for English Readers; from the Translation by B. Jowett, M.A. Edited, with Introductions, by M. J. Knight. 2 vols. Crown 8vo, gilt top. 128. Polybius. Selections. Edited by J. L. Strachan-Davidson, M.A. With Maps. Medium 8vo. 2IS. Sophocles. The Plays and Fragments. With English Notes and Introductions, by Lewis Campbell, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo, 16s. each.

-Tragoediae et Fragmenta,

ex recensione et cum commentariis Guil. Dindorfii. Third Edition. 2 vols. Fcap. 8vo. 21s. Each Play separately, limp, 2s. 6d. Sophocles.

Tragoediae et

Fragmenta cum Annotationibus Guil.
Dindorfii. Tomi II. 8vo. IOS.
The Text, Vol. I. 5s. 6d.
The Notes, Vol. II. 4s. 6d.
Strabo. Selections, with an

Introduction on Strabo's Life and
Works. By H. F. Tozer, M.A.,
F.R.G.S. 8vo. With Maps and
Plans. I2S.

Thucydides. Translated into English, to which is prefixed an Essay on Inscriptions and a Note on the Geography of Thucydides. By B. Jowett, M.A. Second Edition, Revised. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 158.

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London: HENRY FROWDE, Amen Corner, E.C.






CROWN 8vo.


AESCHYLI TRAGOEDIAE. Fragmentis. A. SIDGWICK. (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d.; (c) 4s. 6d. APOLLONII RHODII Argonautica.

R. C. SEATON. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 3s. ARISTOPHANIS COMOEDIAE Cum

Fragmentis. F. W. HALL and W. M. GELDART. Tom. I. (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d. Tom. II. (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d. Complete, (c) 8s. 6d.

DEMOSTHENIS ORATIONES. S. H. BUTCHER. Tom. I. (a) 4s.; (b) 4s. 6d.

EURIPIDES TRAGOEDIAE. G. G. A. MURRAY. Tom. I. (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d. Tom. II. (a) 3s. ; (b) 3s. 6d.

HOMERI OPERA. Ilias. D. B. MONRO and T. W. ALLEN. Tom.

I. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 3s. Tom. II. (a) 2s. 6d. ; (b) 3s. Complete, (c) 75.

PLATONIS OPERA. J. BURNET. Tom. I (Tetralogiae I, II). (a) 5s.; (b) 6s.; (c) 75. Tom. II (Tetralogiae III, IV). (a) 5s.; (b) 6s.; (c) 7s. Tom. III (Tetralogiae V-VII). (a) 5s. ; (b) 6s. ; (c) 75. Res Publica. (a) 5s.; (b) 6s. ; (c) 7s. Also on 4to paper for marginal notes, 10s. 6d.

THUCYDIDIS HISTORIAE. H. STUART JONES. Tom. I (Libri I-IV). (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d. Tom. II (Libri V-VIII). (a) 35.; (b) 3s. 6d. Complete, (c) 8s. 6d. XENOPHONTIS OPERA. E. C. MARCHANT. Tom. I (Historia Graeca). (a) 2s. 6d. ; (b) 3s. Tom. II (Libri Socratici). (a) 35.; (b) 35. 6d. Tom. III. (Expeditio Cyri). (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 3s.

[blocks in formation]

A. DU PONTET. De Bello Gallico. (a) 25.; (b) 2s. 6d. De Bello Civili, Cum Libris Incertorum Auctorum. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 3s. Complete, (c) 75. CATULLI CARMINA. R. ELLIS.

(a) 2s.; (b) 2s. 6d. CICERONIS ORATIONES Pro Milone, Caesarianae, Philippicae I-XIV. A. C. CLARK. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 35. CICERONIS Epistulae. L. C. PURSER. (Complete) (c) 21s. Ad Familiares. (a) 5s.; (b) 6s. Ad Atticum. In two Parts, each (a) 45.; (b) 4s. 6d. Ad Q. Fratrem. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 35. CICERONIS OPERA RHETORICA. A. S. WILKINS. Tom. I. (a) 2s. 6d. ; (b) 3s. Tom. II. (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d. Complete (c) 7s. 6d. CORNELI NEPOTIS VITAE. E. O.

WINSTEDT. (a) 1s. 6d.; (b) 25. HORATI OPERA. E. C. WICKHAM. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 3s. ; (c) 4s. 6d. LUCRETI CARI De Rerum Natura. C. BAILEY. (a) 2s. 6d. ; (b) 3s. ; (c) 45. MARTIALIS EPIGRAMMATA. W. M. LINDSAY. (a) 5s.; (b) 6s.; (c) 7s. 6d.

School Edition, expurgated, 3s. 6d. PERSI ET JUVENALIS SATIRAE. S. G. OWEN. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 3s. ; (c) 45.

LINDSAY. (a) 5s.; (b) 6s.
PHILLIMORE. (a) 2s. 6d.; (b) 3s.
H. FURNEAUX. (a) is. 6d.; (b) 25.

TYRRELL. (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d. ; (c) 5s. VERGILI OPERA. F. A. HIRTZEL. (a) 3s.; (b) 3s. 6d. ; (c) 45. 6d.

Oxford: Clarendon Press.


Arbuthnot. The Life and
Works of John Arbuthnot. By George
A. Aitken. 8vo, cloth extra, with
Portrait, 16s.

Bryce. Studies in History
and Jurisprudence. By the Right
Hon. James Bryce, D.C.L. 2 vols.
8vo, 25s. net.

Richard, Son of Nigel, Treasurer of England and Bishop of London. Edited by A. Hughes, C. G. Crump, and C. Johnson.

Being a Dialogue concerning the Exchequer, by Richard de Ely, Bishop of London (1189-1198); containing a Revised Text and full Critical Notes, an Introduction, Notes, and an Index. 8vo. 12s. 6d. net.

Butler. The Works of Bishop Finlay. A History of Greece

Butler. Edited by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. 2 vols. Medium 8vo, 14s. each. Or Crown 8vo, Ios. 6d. (Also, separately-Vol. I, 5s. 6d. Vol. II, 5s.)

Studies Subsidiary to the Works of Bishop Butler. By the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. (Uniform with the above.) Medium 8vo, Ios. 6d. Crown 8vo, 4s. 6d. Casaubon (Isaac), 1559-1614. By Mark Pattison, late Rector of Lincoln College. Second Edition. 8vo. 16s.


The Mediaeval Stage. 2 vols., 8vo. 25s. net. Chaucer. The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Edited, from numerous Manuscripts, by W. W. Skeat, Litt.D. In Six Volumes, Demy 8vo, with Portrait and Facsimiles. 96s., or 16s. each volume.

Chaucerian and other Pieces, being a Supplementary Volume to the above. Edited, from numerous Manuscripts, by W. W. Skeat, Litt.D. 8vo, 18s. Cromwell. The Life and Letters of Thomas Cromwell. By R. B. Merriman, A.M. Harv., B.Litt. Oxon. With a Portrait and Facsimile. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. net. De Necessariis Observantiis Scaccarii Dialogus: commonly called 'Dialogus de Scaccario,' by

from its Conquest by the Romans to the present time, B. C. 146 to A. D. 1864. By George Finlay, LL.D. New and revised Edition, by H. F. Tozer, M.A. 7 vols. 8vo. 70s. Fisher.

Studies in Napo

leonic Statesmanship. Germany. By H. A. L. Fisher, M.A. Svo. 12s. 6d. net. Gower. The Complete Works of John Gower. Edited from the MSS., with Introductions, Notes, and Glossaries, by G. C. Macaulay, M.A. With facsimiles. 4 vols. 8vo, buckram. 16s. each.

Vol. I, The French Works. Vols. II and III, The English Works. Vol. IV, The Latin Works. Hodgkin. Italy and her In

vaders. 8 vols. With Plates and Maps. By Thomas Hodgkin, D.C.L. A.D. 376-744. 8vo. Vols. I and II, Second Edition, 42s. Vols. III and IV, Second Edition, 36s. Vols. V and VI, 36s. Vols. VII and VIII, 24s. Ilbert. The Government of India; being a Digest of the Statute Law relating thereto. By Sir 8vo, Courtenay Ilbert, K.C.S.I. half-roan, 218.

Legislative Methods and Forms. 8vo, half-roan. 168. Justinian. Imperatoris Iustiniani Institutionum Libri Quattuor; with Introductions, Commentary, Excursus and Translation. By J. B. Moyle, D. C. L. Fourth Edition. 2 vols. 8vo.


London: HENRY FROWDE, Amen Corner, E.C.



Kyd. The Works of Thomas Kyd. Edited from the original Texts, with Introduction, Notes, and Facsimiles, by Frederick S. Boas, M.A. 8vo. 15s. net. Lyly. The Works of John Lyly, now for the first time collected and edited from the earliest Quartos, with Life, Bibliography, Essays, Notes, and Index, by R. Warwick Bond, M.A. 3 vols. 8vo. Uniform with Boas' Kyd. 42s. net. Morris. The Welsh Wars of Edward the First. By John E. Morris, M.A. With a Map and Pedigrees. 8vo. 9s. 6d. net. Oman. History of the Peninsular War. By Charles Oman, M.A. 8vo. With Maps, Plans, and Portraits. Vol. I, 1807-1809 (from the Treaty of Fontaineblau to the Battle of Corunna). 14s. net. Vol. II, Jan.-Sept., 1809 (from the Battle of Corunna to the end of the Talavera Campaign), 14s. net. (The work

will be completed in six volumes.) Oxford History of Music. 8vo. 15s. net each.

Vol. I. The Polyphonic Period. Part I.
Method of Musical Art, 330-1330.
By H. E. Wooldridge, M.A.
Vol. III. The Music of the Seventeenth
Century. By Sir C. Hubert H.
Parry, Bart.

Vol. IV. The Age of Bach and Handel. By J. A. Fuller Maitland. Pattison. Essays by the late

Mark Pattison, sometime Rector of Lincoln College. Collected and Arranged by Henry Nettleship, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 24s.

Payne. History of the New World called America. By E. J. Payne, M.A. 8vo, Vol. I, 18s.; Vol. II, 14s. Poole. Historical Atlas of Modern Europe, from the decline of the Roman Empire. Comprising also Maps of parts of Asia and of the New World connected with European history. Edited by R. L. Poole, M.A., Ph.D. Imperial

4to. Half-Persian, 115s. 6d.; each map sold separately at 1s. 6d. Ramsay. The Cities and

Bishoprics of Phrygia. By W. M. Ramsay, D.C.L., LL.D. Vol. I. Part I. The Lycos Valley and South-Western Phrygia. Royal 8vo, linen, 18s. net. Vol. I. Part II. West and West-Central Phrygia. Royal 8vo, linen, 21s. net.

Ranke. A History of England, principally in the Seventeenth Century. By L. von Ranke. Translated under the superintendence of G. W. Kitchen, D.D., and C. W. Boase, M.A. 6 vols. 8vo. 638.

Revised Index separately, paper covers, Is.

Rashdall. The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages. By Hastings Rashdall, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo, with Maps and Illustrations.→

45s. net.

Rhys. Celtic Folklore, Welsh and Manx. By John Rhys, M.A., D.Litt. 8vo. 2 vols. Studies in the Arthurian Legend. 8vo. I2s. 6d.



Sanday. Sacred Sites of the Gospels. By W. Sanday, D.D. With 63 full-page Illustrations, Maps and Plans. 8vo. 13s. 6d. Thomson. A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students. With many Illustrations. By Prof. Arthur Thomson, M.A. Second Edition. 8vo, buckram. 16s. net. Walpole. The Letters of Horace Walpole. Edited by Mrs. Paget Toynbee, with over hundred Letters hitherto unpublished and fifty Photogravure Portraits of Walpole and his circle. In three styles, viz., limited edition of 260 copies, in demy 8vo, on handmade paper, cloth, £12 net; in full morocco, 19 48. net; Crown 8vo, on Oxford India Paper, in 8 double volumes, £5 4s. net; Crown 8vo, in 16 volumes, on ordinary paper, £4 net. The above prices are for Subscription copies, and the prices will be raised hereafter. Vols. I-VIII are now ready).






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