Cartulaire de l'Abbaye de Saint-Bertin

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Benjamin Edme Charles Guérard
Cambridge University Press, 16 set 2010 - 736 pagine
The Cartulary of the Abbey of Saint-Bertin, St-Omer, represents one of the earliest and most important resources for Carolingian monastic life and the era of Benedictine reform. Begun by the monk Folquin around 962, the collection of charters, arranged chronologically, extends from the seventh century until 1178. It remains an invaluable witness to the political, economic, and diplomatic history of this powerful abbey, as well as to the historiographic impulses of its compilers. One of the first cartularies to arrange legal and administrative documents in chronicle form, the Cartulary of the Abbey of Saint-Bertin makes a powerful claim for the antiquity and coherence of its institutional origins. The text was first published in 1841 with the Cartulary of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity, Rouen; this reissue makes both, together with an 1867 appendix of addenda and corrections published by François Morand, available again to scholars.

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