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Mode of investigation.— Intellect. — Sense-perceptions. - Association. —
Inference and understanding.–Rational intelligence. — Modes of mental or
nervous action.-Reflex action, unconscious and comparatively mechanical.
-Instinctive action: The actor is conscious, but guided by heredity.-In-
telligent action. The actor is conscious, guided by intelligence resulting
from experience or observation. The will stimulated by motives.-Appe-

. —Fear and other prudential considerations.-Care for young and love
of mates

. — The dawn of unselfishness. —Motives furnished by the rational

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given form, may be considered as one grand resultant. -Environment is
thus a power making at first for digestion and reproduction, then for mus-
cular strength and activity, then for shrewdness, finally for unselfishness
and righteousness. —An ultimate “power, not ourselves, making for right-
eousness," a personality.-Our knowledge of this personality may be valid,
even though very incomplete. --Religion.-Conformity to the spiritual in
or behind environment is likeness to God. The conservative tendency in

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Subject of the Bible. — Man: Body, intellect, heart.God : Law, sin,
and penalty.--God manifested in Christ. --Salvation, the divine life per-
meating man.- -Faith. - Prayer. -Hope. - The Church.—The battle. --The
victory.—The crown.

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