Teutonic mythology, tr. by J.S. Stallybrass, Volume 3

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Pagina 879 - Ceterum nec cohibere parietibus deos, neque in ullam humani oris speciem assimulare, ex magnitudine coelestium arbitrantur : lucos ac nemora consecrant, deorumque nominibus appellant secretum illud, quod sola reverentia vident.
Pagina 1158 - ... afflicted with cruel anguish, and threatened with the loss of the use of the limb. Against this accident, to which they were continually liable, our provident forefathers always kept a shrew-ash at hand, which, when once medicated, would maintain its virtue for ever. A shrew-ash was made thus: — Into the body of the tree a deep hole was bored with an auger, and a poor devoted shrew-mouse was thrust in alive, and plugged in, no doubt, with several quaint incantations long since forgotten.
Pagina 1047 - Illud etiam non omittendum, quod quasdam sceleratae mulieres retro post Sathanam conversae, daemonum illusionibus et phantasmatibus seductae credunt se et profitentur nocturnis horis cum Diana paganorum dea, vel cum Herodiade et innumera multitudine mulierum equitare super quasdam bestias, et multa terrarum spatia intempestae noctis silentio pertransire, ejusque jussionibus velut Dominae obedire et certis noctibus ad ejus servitium evocari.
Pagina 1172 - Expert! affirmavere plurimum referre, si virgo imponat nuda, jejuna jejuno, et manu supina tangens dicat, ' Negat Apollo pestem posse crescere, cui nuda virgo restinguat ! ' atque retrorsa manu ter dicat, totiesque despuant ambo.
Pagina 1157 - In a farm-yard, near the middle of this village, stands, at this day, a row of pollard-ashes, which, by the seams and long cicatrices down their sides, manifestly shew that, in former times, they have been cleft asunder. These trees, when young and flexible, were severed and held open by wedges, while ruptured children, stripped naked, were pushed through the apertures, under a persuasion that, by such a process, the poor babes would be cured of their infirmity.
Pagina 1158 - ... ineffectual. Having occasion to enlarge my garden not long since, I cut down two or three such trees, one of which did not grow together. We have several persons now living in the village, who, in their childhood, were supposed to be healed by this superstitious ceremony, derived down perhaps from our Saxon ancestors, who practised it before their conversion to Christianity.
Pagina 923 - Continuo auditae voces, vagitus et ingens, infantumque animae flentes in limine primo, quos dulcis vitae exsortes et ab ubere raptos abstulit atra dies et funere mersit acerbo ; hos juxta falso damnati crimine mortis.
Pagina 1223 - When a person has received a sprain, it is customary to apply to an individual practised in casting the wresting thread, this is a thread spun from black wool, on which are cast nine knots, and tied round a sprained leg or arm. During the time the operator is putting the thread round the affected limb, he says, but in such a tone of voice as not to be heard by the bystanders, nor even by the person operated upon: the lord rade, and the foal slade; he lighted, and he righted, set joint to joint, bone...
Pagina 1207 - ... swer nŘ des riches irre ge, der schouwe wem der weise ob sime nacke ste: der stein ist aller fŘrsten leitesterne.
Pagina 1211 - Si prior defexit publico consilio dolo malo, 8 tum illo die, luppiter, populum Romanum sic ferito, ut ego hunc porcum hie hodie feriam ; tantoque magis ferito, quanto magis potes pollesque.

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