A catalogue of the Shakespeare-study books in the immediate library of J.O. Halliwell-Phillipps [compiled by himself].

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London : Priv. print. by J.E. Adlard, 1876 - 72 pagine

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Pagina 59 - The first part of the true and honorable history, of the life of Sir John Old-castle, the good Lord Cobham. As it hath bene lately acted by the Right honorable the Earle of Notingham Lord High Admirall of England his servants. Written by William Shakespeare London, printed for TP 1600.
Pagina 59 - The Two Noble Kinsmen: Presented at the Blackfriers by the Kings Maiesties servants, with great applause: Written by the memorable Worthies of their time; Mr. John Fletcher, and Mr. William Shakspeare. Gent.
Pagina 31 - A | Pleasant | Conceited Comedie | called, | Loues labors lost. | As it was presented before her Highnes | this last Christmas. | Newly corrected and augmented | By W. Shakespere.
Pagina 60 - A Pleasant Comedie of Faire Em, The Millers Daughter of Manchester. With the Love of William the Conqueror. As it was sundry times publiquely acted in the Honourable Citie of London, by the right Honourable the Lord Strange his Seruants. London, Printed for John Wright, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Bible in Guilt-spur street without Newgate. 1631.
Pagina 19 - The true Tragedie of Richard Duke of Yorke, and the death of good King Henrie the Sixt, with the whole contention betweene the two Houses Lancaster and Yorke, as it was sundrie times acted by the Right Honourable the Earle of Pembrooke his seruants.
Pagina 61 - Select Observations on English Bodies, or Cures both Empericall and Historicall performed upon very eminent persons in desperate Diseases. First written in Latine by Mr. John Hall, physician living at Stratford-uponAvon, in Warwickshire, where he was very famous, as also in the counties adjacent, as appears by these observations drawn out of severall hundreds of his, as choysest; Now put into English for common benefit by James Cooke Practitioner in Physick and Chirurgery...
Pagina 23 - The Troublesome Raigne of John King of England. With The Discouerie of King Richard Cordelions base Sonne. (Vulgarly named, the Bastard Fawconbridge :) Also The Death of King John at Swinstead Abbey.
Pagina 35 - The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta. As it was played before the King and Queene, in His Majesties theatre at White.Hall, by Her Majesties Servants at the Cock.pit.
Pagina 40 - SHAKESPEARE'S LIBRARY.— A Collection of the Romances, Novels, Poems, and Histories used by Shakespeare as the foundation of his Dramas, now first collected and accurately reprinted from the original Editions, with Notes, &c.
Pagina 26 - London, Printed for Nathaniel Butter, and are to be sold at his shop in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Pide Bull neere St. Austins Gate. 1608.

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