Purposeful Expression: Understanding and Using Your Language Effectively

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Trafford Publishing, 2003 - 339 pagine

Language is practical, language is pleasure (or pain), and language is power can adequately describe the three parts of PURPOSEFUL EXPRESSION.

The way you use your language can define your personality and determine your achievements in every aspect of life. This book gives easy-to-understand guidance for understanding and effective language use for success.

The understanding and purposeful, effective use of language is for everyone, whether in the classroom, at work, or in social circles. This text gives easy to understand explanations, aided by graphics, of the sentence, paragraph, and composition design. It also provides step-by-step guidance in summary, report, letter, and story writing, argument presentation, and how to use persuasive techniques and the power of persuasion to achieve desired outcomes in pursuit of your goals.

Exercises are provided throughout the text to review required knowledge and skills, and to develop new ones. Also, a reference section gives explanations for questions of usage, words often confused, spelling, and punctuation, as an aid for better language use.


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