Bowlker's Art of Angling: Containing Directions for Fly-fishing, Trolling, Making Artficial Flies, &c. : with a List of the Most Celebrated Fishing Stations in North Wales

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R. Jones, 1854 - 160 pagine

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Pagina 102 - With yielding hand, That feels him still, yet to his furious course Gives way, you, now retiring, following now Across the stream, exhaust his idle rage ; Till, floating broad upon his breathless side, And to his fate abandoned, to the shore You gaily drag your unresisting prize.
Pagina 102 - And oft attempts to seize it, but as oft The dimpled water speaks his jealous fear. At last, while haply o'er the shaded sun Passes a cloud, he desperate takes the death, With sullen plunge. At once he darts along...
Pagina 115 - To frame the little animal, provide All the gay hues that wait on female pride : Let Nature guide thee ; sometimes golden wire The shining bellies of the fly require ; The peacock's plumes thy tackle must not fail, Nor the dear purchase of the sable's tail. Each gaudy hird some slender tribute brings, And lends the growing insect proper wings : Silks of all colours must their aid impart, And every fur promote the fisher's art.
Pagina 113 - While yet the dark-brown water aids the guile, To tempt the trout. The well-dissembled fly, The rod fine-tapering with elastic spring, Snatch'd from the hoary steed the floating line, And all thy slender watery stores prepare.
Pagina 44 - I spake to you formerly, that keeps tame Otters, that he hath known a Pike in extreme hunger, fight with one of his Otters for a Carp that the Otter had caught, and was then bringing out of the water.
Pagina 113 - And, whitening, down their mossy-tinctur'd stream Descends the billowy foam; now is the time, While yet the dark-brown water aids the guile, To tempt the trout. The well-dissembled fly, The rod fine-tapering with...
Pagina 102 - Around the stone, or from the hollow'd^bank Reverted plays in undulating flow, There throw, nice-judging, the delusive fly ; And as you lead it round in artful curve, With eye attentive mark the springing game.
Pagina 152 - And nimbly catch the incautious flies. 23 The glow-worms, numerous and light, 24 Illumed the dewy dell last night, 25 At dusk the squalid toad was seen, 26 Hopping and crawling o'er the green, 27 The whirling...
Pagina 44 - Lord Gower's canal at Trentham, a Pike seized the head of a swan as she was feeding under water, and gorged so much of it as killed them both : the servants perceiving the swan with its head under water for a longer time than usual, took the boat, and found both swan and Pike dead.
Pagina 102 - With eye attentive mark the springing game. Straight as above the surface of the flood They wanton rise, or urged by hunger leap, Then fix, with gentle twitch, the barbed hook...

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