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AMERICAN HISTORY Wednesday, June 19

1.45-3.45 p. m. Answer ar or bor or it in the following nine groups. Note, however, that

three in the 7th are to be answered. I Colonies a What colonies were founded by Catholics, Cavaliers, Puritans,

Quakers, Separatists? b What six migrations furnished to the English colonies the

' majority of their settlers? i Compare the founding of Virginia and of Massachusetts. o What effect did the Civil War of 1642 have on America?


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America and England a Name five grievances against George 3 stated in the Declaration

of Independence. 6 What view was held in England in regard to the representation

of the colonies in Parliament? · Why may Washington be called "the typical Englishman"? d What were the four strategic points in the Revolutionary War?


Parties a Define, and give five illustrations of the differences between,

loose and strict constructionist parties. b Name four third parties that have been prominent and state the

policy advocated by each. ( Name the four parties in the political campaign of 1860 and state

the attitude of each towards slavery. d State the difference between a “protective tariff” and “a tariff

for revenue only" and give the attitude of the two leading parties of the time towards the tariff bills of 1828, 1832, 1833, 1861, 1890.

4 Geography

Locate or mark on the map,
( The territorial claims of Spain, France, England an:l Holland at the time of
the greatest extent of each.

(Use four maps. )
61) The territory held by the United States in 1783; 2) Territory claimed

by them in 1783; 3) Territory added by the United States on the North

American continent since 1783, giving time of accession. (1) Slave-holding states in 1861; 2) free-soil states in 1861; 3) states

seceding in 1861; slave-holding union states in 1861.,


5 Religious development a 1) In what colonies was there an established church? 2) What

led to the disestablishment in each? 6 What was the attitude towards freedom of religious worship

in the colonies of 1) Maryland, 2) Massachusetts,

3) Pennsylvania, 4) Rhode Island? c What religious denominations in this country illustrate these

forms of government: 1) Democratic, 2) Representative,

3) Aristocratic? 6 Material development a What was the character of the colonial trade with the West

Indies? 6 What was the character of the colonial trade with Europe? c How were the commerce and the manufactures of the colonies

restricted by the English Parliament? d How did the quarrel between England and Napoleon affect the

commerce of America?

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7 Explanations

Explain the circumstances under which any three of the following expressions were used:

Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish

from the earth."
b “I have given to England a maritime rival which will sooner or later humble

her pride."
"I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.”
d "If that be treason, make the most of it."

" Millions for defense but not a cent for tribute."
f We have met the enemy and they are ours.


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8 Definitions

a Gerrymandering, logrolling, paper blockade, pocket veto, rider. b b Carpet-bagger, contraband, copperhead, reconstruction, war

governors. c Mason and Dixon's line, nullification, omnibus bill, squatter

sovereignty, Wilmot Proviso.

9 Government and legislation a What were the points in common between charter, proprietary,

and royal colonies? What were the points of difference? b. State 1) parties involved, 2) question at issue, and 3) re

sult of the two most important compromises in the constitution. c Explain the purpose of the last three amendments to the

constitution. d State 1) .time, 2) object, 3) provisions, 4) result, of any of the following: a) Alien and Sedition Laws, 6) Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions,

c) Nullification Ordinance, d) Kansas-Nebraska Bili, f) Bland Silver Bill.


HENRY P. WARREN Vassar College Swarthmore College Albany Academy, Albany, N. Y.

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