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RICHARDS'S LATIN LESSONS AND TABLES. Combining the Analytic and Synthetic Methods; consisting of selections from Cæsar's Commentaries, with a complete system of memorizing the Grammar; Notes, Exercises in translating from English into Latin, Tables, and a Vocabulary. 12mo. Price, 63 cents.

This book is on the plan of Professor Crosby's Greek Lessons, and has received the most unqualified commendation from many of the ablest Latin scholars and teachers in the country.

From S. H TAYLOR, LL. D., Principal of Phillips Academy, Andover. — “The plan is a good one and well executed I think the work. in all respects, happily adapted to give the pupil a thorough acquaintance with the elements of the Latin Language. In preparing it you have done a good service to the cause of classical learning; and I am confident that its merits will bring it into extensive use."

From WILLIAM MARINER, Professor of Languages in Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee. —“I have examined the copy of Richards's Latin Lessons which you had the kindness to send me, and shall adopt it as a text-book. to be placed by the side of Crosby's Greek Lessons. They both combine admirably the analytic and synthetic methods. I shall do all I can to introduce such books to the notice of teachers, believing that by so doing the cause of sound learning will be materially advanced."


With an Introduction by S. H. TAYLOR, LL.D. New
Edition, with Index to the Greek words found in the work. 12mo.
Price, $1.00.

From E D. SANBORN, late Professor of Latin in Dartmouth College.. — “ The little volume mentioned above, introduced to the American public by an eminent scholar and teacher, Samuel H. Taylor, LL D., is cre of the best helps to the thorough appreciation of the nice shades of meaning in Latin words that have met my eye. It deserves the attention of teachers and learners, and will an ply reward patient study,”

From the Bibliotheca Sacra. "The present hand-look of Döderlein is remarkable for the brevity, distinctness, perspicuity, and appositeness of its definitions. It will richly reward, not merely the classical, but the jeneral student, for the labor he may devote to it. It is difficult to open the volume, even at randoni, without di covering some hint which may be useful to a theologian...... From the preceding extracts it will be seen that this hand-book is useful in elucidating many Greek as well as Latin synonymes."



This is the only German Grammar which is at the same time practical and complete. in the English language. It is divided into three parts.

The first or practical part, consisting of twenty-four lessons, can be fully mastered in a single term, and contains every construction peculiar to the German language.

Thus when the student takes up the second or "theoretical" rart, he is prepared to commence some German author whose style is not difficult. If the reading is conducted according to the plan of the ruthor, the student, at the close of this second part, will not only have a good knowledge of the construction of the German language, but will be well skilled in the nicer use of connectives, and synonymous words.

The third part is a complete and masterly treatise on the syntax of the German language, and is intended to be taken up in connection with the more difficult authors.

Here, then, we have in one volume a German Grammar with which the student can commence, and which he need not leave, however critically he may wish to study the language.


A TEXT-BOOK OF GEOMETRICAL DRAWING, for the Use of Mechanics and Schools; in which the Definitions and Rules of Geometry are familiarly explained, the practical Problems are arranged from the most simple to the more complex, and in their description technicalities are avoided as much as possible. With Illustrations for drawing Plans, Sections, and Elevations of BUILDINGS and MACHINERY; an Introduction to Isometrical Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows; the whole illustrated with Fifty-six Steel Plates. Containing over Two Hundred Diagrams. By WILLIAM MINIFIE, Architect. Sixth edition. With an Appendix on the Theory and Application of Colors. Super-royal 8vo. Full Sheep, Library style. Price, $3.00.

A TEXT-BOOK OF GEOMETRICAL DRAWING. Abridged from the Octavo Edition, for the Use of Schools, in which the Definitions and Rules of Geometry are familiarly explained, the practical Problems are arranged from the most simple to the most complex, and in their description technicalitics are avoided as much as possible; with an Introduction to Isometrical Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows: the whole illustrated with Forty-Eight Steel Plates. Fourth edition. By WILLIAM MINIFIE. Medium 12mo. Price, $ 1.00.

Many of the schools and colleges of the Union have adopted this work as a Text-Book. It has also been adopted by the Committee of Art of the British Government, and inserted in its catalogue of approved books and studies, recommended to the government and parochial schools throughout the kingdom.

From the London Art Journal.

"The grand objection to most of the books on geometry which have passed under our notice is, that they are too theoretical; not practical enough for practical men, such as artisans, who desire to obtain so much knowledge of the science as may the better enable them to fulfil their duties, without aspiring to the dignity of learned mathematicians. The American publication, here brought under our notice, seems just the kind to put into the hands of the classes here referred to, though its utility must not be thus limited."

From the Scientific American.

"It is the best work on Drawing we have ever seen, and is especially a text-book of geometrical drawing for the use of mechanics and schools. No young mechanic should be without it."

From the London Builder.

"A TEXT-BOOK OF GEOMETRICAL DRAWING, &C., &C. - We have thus fully given the title of this volume, not only to show at once its objects and purposes, but that we may be able also at once and comprehensively to say that it appears to us to bear out all its professions. It is really a capital work, and judiciously comprises the greater part of what a learner needs, though previously entirely unacquainted either with Geometry or Drawing.

"The book is deservedly highly esteemed in America. It is evidently the work of one who understands his subject."

From the Glasgow Practical Mechanic's Journal.

"It is a pleasant task to the reviewer to give praise to a good book; and in giving an opinion of Mr. Minifie's production, we may do so by saying to those practical men who desire to gain some insight in the rules of geometrical drawing, that they may do so here, without wading through a mass of theoretical profundity, such as usually encumbers them on the threshold of a majority of works of this nature.

"Whatever is said is rendered perfectly intelligible by remarkably well executed diagrams on steel the number of which 56 plates leaves nothing for mere vague supposition; and the addition of an introduction to isometrical drawing, linear per spective, and the projection of shadows, winding up with a useful index to technical terms, forms a volume which is perhaps unequalled by any British work of a similar character."



IN INTELLECTUAL PHILOSOPHY FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES; Containing an Outline of the Science, with an Abstract of its History. By J. T. CHAMPLIN, D. D., President of Waterville College. 12mo. Price, 80 cents.

"Dr. Champlin's work fairly and fully redeems the promise of its title-page. It is a sound and useful Text-Book of Intellectual Philosophy, and deserving of adoption in colleges and all places where such subjects are studied. The abstract of the history of the science, at the close of the volume, adds greatly, in our estimation, to its value. We have devoted no little time and labor to the study and the teaching of mental philosophy, and therefore it is only after careful examination, and with a full sense of responsibility, that we recommend this work of Dr. Champlin's to our educational friends." Boston Post.

"The author of this work is a practical teacher, an able analyst, and a clear writer. He has produced a text-book in philosophy which will as it becomes known, supersede, we think, many now in use." Intelligencer, N. Y.

"It is much better adapted to the class-room than the text-books in common use.”— Zion's Herald.


By R. G. LATHAM, M. D., F. R. S, Late Professor of the English
Language and Literature, University College, London. Edited by
F. J CHILD, I'rofessor of Rhetoric in Harvard College. With an
Appendix, by Rev. D. R. GooDWIN, D. D., President of Trinity
College. Fourth American Edition. 12mo. Price, 75 cents.
"This book, designed for classes in High Schools, Academies, and Colleges, does
not come into competition with any other English Grammar now in use.

"When this book has once been mastered, the student will have been brought sufficiently far in Philology to find all that comes afterward easy beyond expectation. He will have the elements of Philological Classification; inasmuch as, having learned from practice the value of such a division in language as the one which comprises the English, Dutch, German, and Scandinavian languages, he will find no trouble in understanding the higher groups, called Indo-European, Semitic, &c. Lastly, he will have compared the inflected character of the Anglo-Saxon stage of our language with the uninflected structure of the present English, and have done something in observing the transition from the one state to the other.

"This prepares him for an historical view of languages in its broadest form. Hence those who mean to go further into the studies of Grammar and Etymology are prepared for their researches by a preliminary discipline."— Extract from the Author's Preface.


BACON'S ESSAYS. With Annotations by RICHARD WHATELY, D. D., Archbishop of Dublin. Fifth Edition, revised and enlarged. A new and elegant edition on tinted paper. 8vo. Price, $ 250.

This is, in all respects, the most beautiful and desirable edition of this standard work ever published.

"This elegant edition of Francis Bacon's Essays surpasses, in its typographical execution, any that has yet appeared. It is complete in one royal octavo volume, and will supply the want of many, who cannot afford a more extended and complete edition of Bacon's works. It is printed on the finest of paper with the clearest of type, and in all its "getting up" has as many excellences and as few defects as a book can well have. Bacon, as an author, ranks among the greatest in the English language; and his works are replete with wisdom, philosophy, wit, and sound, practical sense. His essays, especially are marked by all these characteristics. The publishers deserve the thanks of the public for their issuing of this choice volume."—

Home Journal.

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