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Valuable Text-Books for Schools, Academies, and Colleges,



117 Washington Street, Boston.


A GRAMMAR OF THE GREEK LANGUAGE. By ALPHEUS CROSBY, Professor of the Greek Language and Literature in Dartmouth College. Thirty-first edition. 12mo. Half morocco. pp. 472. Price, $ 1.25.

GREEK LESSONS: Consisting of Selections from Xenophon's Anabasis, with directions for the study of the Grammar, Notes, Exercises in Translation from English into Greek, and Vocabulary. By ALPHEUS CROSBY. 12mo. Half morocco. pp. 129. Price, 63 cents.

GREEK TABLES for the Use of Students. By ALPHEUS CROSBY. 12mo. Price, 38 cents.

XENOPHON'S ANABASIS. A Narrative of the Expedition of Cyrus the Younger, and the Retreat of the Ten Thousand. By Xenophon of Athens. Edited by ALPHEUS CROSBY. 12mo. Price, 75 cents. This admirable series has steadily gained in popularity from the time of its publication, and is now regarded by eminent teachers as among the best in use for imparting a thorough knowledge of the Greek language.


AN ANALYSIS OF THE GREEK VERB. By MARSHALL HENSHAW, A. M., Professor in Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J. Price, 63 cents.

Professor JOHN J. OWEN, of the New York Free Academy, whose ability to judge of the work no one will question, says: "I have given it a careful examination, and am free to express my opinion that a more valuable and timely aid to the free and perfect command of the Greek Verb has not been furnished to the students of our comitry. I shall not only recommend it to my own immediate classes, but to professors and the students generally, as I may have opportunity."

"I have no hesitation in saying that, small and unpretending as it is, it is a work of rare merit, and of great interest to classical teachers. It comprises within the compass of a dozen pages together with about the same number of tables, the substance of what is spread over 75 to 100 pages in such Grammars as Crosby's and Hadley's.” — W. S. TYLER, Professar of Greek in Amherst College.

From S. II. TAYLOR, LL. D., Principal of the Phillips Academy, Andover. —“I have studied it from beginning to end, and find the work systematically and thoroughly done. It will be a great service to all who are commencing the study of Greek, and will clear up many a dark point in the perplexities of the Greek Verb. I hope it may be very generally used in our schools,""


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