Preparatory Latin prose-book: containing all the Latin prose necessary for entering college : with references to Kühner's and Andrews and Stoddard's Latin grammars, notes critical and explanatory, a vocabulary and a geographical and historical index

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Crosby and Nichols, 1864 - 775 pagine

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Pagina 178 - In altero miseris perfugium erat, in altero malis pernicies; illius facilitas, hujus constantia laudabatur. Postremo Caesar in animum induxerat laborare, vigilare; negotiis amicorum intentus sua neglegere, nihil denegare, quod dono dignum esset; sibi magnum imperium, exercitum, bellum novum exoptabat, ubi virtus enitescere posset.
Pagina 487 - MALLE'OLUS, a hammer, the transverse head of which was formed for holding pitch and tow, which, having been set on fire, was projected slowly, so that it might not be extinguished during its flight, upon houses and other buildings in order to set them on fire : it was therefore commonly used in sieges together with torches and falarieae.
Pagina 388 - To this reason another may be added of a more honourable nature. The Germans treated their women with esteem and confidence, consulted them on every occasion of importance, and fondly believed that in their breasts resided a sanctity and wisdom more than human.
Pagina 549 - Querimonia and querela are expressions of indignation ; the former in th« just feeling of the injured person, who will not brook an act of injustice ; the latter in, for the most part, the blamable feeling of the discontented person, who will brook no hardship. The querimonia is an act of the understanding, and aims at redress or satisfaction ; the querela is an act of feeling, and aims for the most part only at easing the heart Dikl.
Pagina 393 - A testudo was formed (testudinem faceré) either in battle, to ward off the arrows and other missiles of the enemy, or which was more frequently the case, to form a protection to the soldiers when they advanced to the walls or gates of a town, for the purpose of attacking them. Sometimes the shields were so arranged as to make the testudo slope.
Pagina 571 - In the time of Cicero it was usual for a general, or a governor of a province, to report to the treasury the names of those under his command who had done good service to the state: those who were included in such report were said in beneftciis ad aerarium deferri.
Pagina 591 - Caesar had married) was consul this year with Gabinius. They were both the professed enemies of Cicero, and supported Clodius in his violent measures. The province of Macedonia had fallen to the former, and he was now preparing to set out for his government, where his troops were daily arriving. Cicero has delineated the characters at large of these consuls, in several of his orations ; but he has, in two words, given the most odious picture of them that exasperated eloquence, perhaps, ever drew,...
Pagina 549 - Quidam expressing quantitative indefiniteness, in the sense of nonnulli, aliquot, occurs more rarely. We must here observe that quidam, when joined to substantives and adjectives, is very often used merely to soften the expression, when the speaker feels that he has made use of too strong an expression, especially when he means to suggest that the word he has used, should not be taken in its literal, but in a figurative sense. The best Latin writers, and more particularly Cicero, are very scrupulous...

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