Education by Violence: Essays on the War and the Future

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Macmillan, 1919 - 233 pagine

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Pagina 155 - Nevertheless to write now the reforming of education, though it be one of the greatest and noblest designs that can be thought on, and for the want whereof this nation perishes...
Pagina 19 - Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless the poor man's wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard.
Pagina 226 - ... as the result of his death. She imagines that in death he still walks beside her as he used to in the old, happy, foolish days, — Only when at last by some cross-road, Our longer shadows, falling in the grass, Turn us back homeward, and the setting sun Shines like a golden glory round your head, There will be something sudden and strange in you. Then you will lean and look into my eyes, And I shall see the bright wound at your side, And feel the new blood flowing to my heart, And I shall hear...
Pagina 26 - Our international group did sufficiently hold in common ideas of equity, of the rights of the individual, and the duties of the state; and...
Pagina 68 - She merely manifests a typical case of being completely satisfied with the state of life into which it has pleased God to call one.
Pagina 225 - ... woods are green, For us the valleys smile, the streams are bright, For us the kind sun still is comfortable And the birds sing; and since your feet and mine Have trod the lanes together, climbed the hills, Then in the lanes and on the little hills Our feet are beautiful for evermore. And you — O if I call you, you will come Most loved, most lovely faces of my friends Who are so safely housed within my heart, So parcel of this blessed spirit land Which is my own heart's England, so possest Of...
Pagina 43 - ... food, for example, as something to be calculated by mass instead of by taste is quite unAmerican ; but let that pass. Or again, an American in Ireland finds that his most violent urging against the extremists can make him no enemies, while the most concessive Englishman can make no friends. This ;sa political factor to which I shall return, but it may serve here as proof that I am advancing no argument for the complete brotherhood of the English-speaking races. Nor am I insinuating that France...
Pagina 4 - the War is over. Let us open our minds and allow no leftover scruples of anxious patriotism to suppress the best of all patriotism, which is the truth born of devotion to one's fellow man.
Pagina 95 - Alas! it is far easier to be pessimistic than optimistic in 1918. It is easy to urge the American program for the rights of all peoples, for self-development within bounds laid down by the welfare of all ; but it is hard to keep up the mood of youth in solitary thought. To plan a world for 1930 that will be better than 1913, better even than the present, requires an act of faith. Nevertheless, one cannot take part in such conversations without feeling the crude, fresh air of which Wells spoke blowing...
Pagina 32 - blood is thicker than water" and that the British are our "cousins" until I am sick of these platitudes. Let me try to give some better reasons for the faith within us, that the alliance now formed among English-speaking peoples is durable and may solve even harder problems than "winning the war.

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