Are You Listening?

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 68 pagine
Are You Listening? - In this book, the author attempts to point out a universal and exceedingly costly problem affecting the life of almost every person; that special lack of listening. Feelings are hurt, relationships broken, legal redress is sought and many times awarded, admonishing is administered, penalties are paid, accidents occur, and many other problems emanate from a lack of understanding created by poor listening habits. Hopefully, this book will sensitize people to the need to receive information in a more responsive way. B. T. Prince, Jr., is a widely traveled retired businessman who is an Elder and outreach volunteer at Carmel Baptist Church, Matthews, North Carolina. He is also a lay minister with a heart that is very sensitive to the needs of others. In His years of business as well as in the lay ministry of his church, he has encountered many problems resulting from statements that were either not heard, heard with accuracy, or heard with interest or application. With this book, he hopes to arouse an interest in a very serious problem that is so many times overlooked.

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