The Handbook of Jamaica ...: Comprising Historical, Statistical and General Information Concerning the Island

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1895
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Pagina 547 - OF TIME. 60 Seconds = 1 Minute 60 Minutes = 1 Hour 24 Hours = 1 Day 7 Days = 1 Week 28 Days = I Lunar Month 28, 29, 30, or 31 Days = 1 Calendar Month 12 Calendar Months...
Pagina 76 - ... the rent for which, one year with another, the same might, in its actual state, be reasonably expected to let from year to year, the probable average annual cost of repairs, insurance, and other expenses (if any) necessary to maintain the hereditament in its actual state, and all rates, taxes, and public charges, if any, (except tithe rent-charge) being paid by the tenant.
Pagina 99 - State of our pleasure thereupon, or unless the Governor shall have satisfied himself that an urgent necessity exists requiring that such bill be brought into immediate operation...
Pagina 76 - Act, it may be said in answer, that ' occupation to be rateable must be of property yielding, or capable of yielding, a net annual value, that is to say, a clear rent over and above the probable average annual cost of the repairs, insurance, and other expenses, if any, necessary to maintain the property in a state to command such rent.
Pagina 99 - Bill for the divorce of persons joined together in holy matrimony. 2. Any Bill whereby any grant of land or money, or other donation or gratuity, may be made to himself. 3. Any Bill affecting the currency of the Colony.
Pagina 210 - There may be added to any one or more of the essential particulars mentioned in this section any letters, words, or figures, or combination of letters, words, or figures, or of any of them...
Pagina 547 - SOLIDITY. 1728 Cubic Inches = 1 Cubic Foot 27 Cubic Feet = 1 Cubic Yard DIVISION II CAPACITY.
Pagina 582 - A New History of Jamaica, from the Earliest Accounts, to the taking of Porto Bello by Vice Admiral Vernon. In thirteen Letters from a Gentleman to his Friend, 2nd ed.
Pagina 134 - ... made by a married woman by means of moneys of her husband, without his consent, the Court may, upon an application under section...
Pagina 108 - That he is properly certified as free from any physical defect or disease which would be likely to interfere with the proper discharge of his duties ; Third.

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