Blanche de Bourbon, [and other poems].

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Hookham and Sons, 1855 - 236 pagine

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Pagina ix - The cultivation of poetry is never more to be desired than at periods when, from an excess of the selfish and calculating principle, the accumulation of the materials of external life exceed the quantity of the power of assimilating them to the internal laws of human nature.
Pagina viii - The poems of Homer and his contemporaries were the delight of infant Greece; they were the elements of that social system which is the column upon which all succeeding civilization has reposed. Homer embodied the ideal perfection of his age in human character...
Pagina iii - O, wake once more! though scarce my skill command Some feeble echoing of thine earlier lay: Though harsh and faint, and soon to die away, And all unworthy of thy nobler strain, Yet if one heart throb higher at its sway, The wizard note has not been touched in vain.
Pagina viii - Trouveurs, or inventors, preceded Petrarch, whose verses are as spells, which unseal the inmost enchanted fountains of the delight which is in the grief of love. It is impossible to feel them without becoming a portion of that beauty which we contemplate...
Pagina ix - What were virtue, love, patriotism, friendship, — what were the scenery of this beautiful universe which we inhabit ; what were our consolations on this side of the grave — and what were our aspirations beyond it, if poetry did not ascend to bring light and fire from those eternal regions where the owl-winged faculty of calculation dare not ever soar ? Poetry is not like reasoning, a power to be exerted according to the determination of the will. A man cannot say,
Pagina ix - For deeds doe die, how ever noblie donne, And thoughts of men do as themselves decay, But wise wordes taught in numbers for to runne Recorded by the Muses, live for ay, Ne may with storming showers be washt away; Ne bitter breathing windes with harmful] blast, Nor age, nor envie, shall them ever wast.
Pagina 221 - The judgment of the law is, and this high court doth award, that you, William, Earl of Kilmarnock, George, Earl of Cromartie, and Arthur, Lord Balmerino, and every one of you, return to the prison of the Tower, from whence you came ; from thence you must be drawn to the place of execution ; when you come there, you must be hanged by the neck, but not till you are dead ; for you must be cut down alive...
Pagina viii - It is impossible to feel them without becoming a portion of that beauty which we contemplate: it were superfluous to explain how the gentleness and elevation of mind connected with these sacred emotions can render men more amiable, more generous and wise, and lift them out of the dull vapours of the little world of self.
Pagina ix - Poetry thus makes immortal all that is best and most beautiful in the world ; it arrests the vanishing apparitions which haunt the interlunations of life, and veiling them, or in language or in form, sends them forth among mankind, bearing sweet news of kindred joy to those with whom their sisters...
Pagina 217 - Here are six guineas for you : pray do your business well: do not serve me as you did my Lord Russell. I have heard you struck him three or four times. Here [to his servant*], take these remaining guineas, and give them to him, if he does his work well. " Executioner. I hope I shall. " M. If you strike me twice, I cannot promise you not to stir.

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