Experiments in optics, chromatics and acoustics

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L. Davis, 1774
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Pagina 210 - This stand, together with the wheel, may be enclosed in a case, and so contrived, as to be moved from one room to another with very little trouble. It is evident, from the construction of this machine, that when a certain quantity of the sand is run out, the weight will descend, and put the wheel in motion, which motion will continue till the weight comes to the ground. If the wheel be required to continue longer in motion, two or more...
Pagina 136 - ... refrangible violet. 8. Such bodies as reflect two or more sorts of rays, appear of various colours. 9. The whiteness of bodies arises from their disposition to reflect all the rays of light promiscuously.
Pagina 200 - Let a thin tube, of an inch diameter, pass from the ear of one head through the pedestal, under the floor, and go up to the mouth of the other...
Pagina 21 - ... bend the length of it inward to the form of part of a circle, whose diameter is equal to double the focal distance of the glass.
Pagina 16 - This phenomenon arifes from feeing the piece through the conical furface of the water at the fide of the glafs, and through the flat furface at the top of the water, at the fame time : for the conical furface dilates the rays and makes the piece...
Pagina 19 - ... from whence the light comes, which will appear not a little extraordinary. In like manner the shadows will appear on the left, if the light fall on that side. If...
Pagina 22 - Fix it on a frame of the same figure, and put it on a moveable foot, that it may be easily placed at that distance from the glass, where the objects appear to the greatest perfection.
Pagina 155 - When the prisms are so placed that the two spectrums become coincident in an inverted order of their colours, the red end of one falling on the violet end of the other, if they be then viewed through a third...
Pagina 14 - When the water comes up to K, the piece at E will become vifible ; when it comes up to L, the pieces at E and F will appear ; and when it rifes to M, all the three pieces will be vifible.

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