Catalogue of the library [of sir W.Scott] at Abbotsford [by J.G. Cochrane].

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Pagina 28 - Continuation in prose to 1543. Edited by Sir Henry Ellis. 4to. . ib. 1812 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. xp 312. Fenn's (Sir John) Collection of Original Letters, written during the Reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., &c. ; with Supplement by Mr. Serjeant Frere. 5 vols.
Pagina 176 - 1794 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. iii. p. 318 ; vol. x. pp. 240, 304-7. —— Robin Hood : a Collection of all the Ancient Poems, Songs, and Ballads now extant, relative to that celebrated outlaw,
Pagina 155 - Edin. 1817 SHELF XXI. Webster's (John) Displaying of Supposed Witchcraft ; wherein is affirmed that there are many sorts of Deceivers and Impostors, &c. But that there is a Corporeal League made betwixt the Devil and the Witch, &c. &c. is utterly denied and disproved, &c.
Pagina 70 - 1683 6. Treaty Marine between Charles II. and Louis XIV. 1676-7. .... 1677 7. Heads of Agreement assented to by the united Ministers in and about London, formerly called Presbyterian and Congregational. ....... Edin. 1691 8. Character of a good Wife. ......... 1695 9. [Tyler's (Alexander) ] Signal Dangers and Deliverances, both by land and
Pagina 332 - 1827 Wood's Town Atlas of Scotland, fol. . . . . . . 1828 Faden's General Atlas. Collection of his best large Maps. fol. Popple's Map of the British Empire in America ; with the French and Spanish Settlements, fol. Lesage's Historical Atlas. Translated into English, fol.
Pagina 149 - Memorabilis Historia de tribus Energumenis in partibus Belgii, &c. et Tractatus de Vocatione Magorum, &c. sm. 8co. . Par. 1623 Tracts on Witchcraft, &c. 1 vol. 8vo. containing, 1. Michaelis's (Sebast.) Admirable History of the Possession and Conversion of a Penitent Woman, seduced by a Magician, that made her to become a Witch, &c.
Pagina 246 - Carleton's (Sir Dudley) Letters, during his Embassy in Holland, from January 1615-16 to December 1620. 3d edition, with Preface by the Earl of Hardwicke. 4to. Land. 1780 Turner's (Sharon) History of England, (from the Norman Conquest to the end of the reign of Elizabeth.) 5 vols.
Pagina 244 - Nottingham, 1819 The Jamaica Royal Gazette, from April 12 to June 17, 1823. fol. • . Kingston, 1823 SHELF VI. Coxe's (Rev. William) Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, with his Original Correspondence, collected from the family records at Blenheim, &c. 3 vols.
Pagina 23 - Aberd. 1828 Campbell's (Dr. Hugh) Love Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, to James Earl of Bothwell ; with her Love Sonnets, &c. 8vo. ..... Lond. 1824 Case of Mary, Queen of Scots, and of Elizabeth, Queen of England, &c. 8vo. ib. 1825 Anderson's (William) Answer to John Pinkerton's Attack, &c.
Pagina 257 - 1810 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. iii. p. 234 ; vol. iv. p. 274. Forster's (T.) Perennial Calendar, and Companion to the Almanack, illustrating the Events of every day in the year, &c. 8vo. . . . . . . ib. 1824 Present State of the British Empire in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

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