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4. / 1 A. (G.) an Orthodox Plea for the Sanctuary of God, Common Service, &c. by G. A., sometime of Oxford, of St. Johns, fine impression of the rare port. of the author, by Sherwin calf, gilt leaves - R. Reynolds, 8vo, 1669 6. /*- : 2 A. (H.) Parthenia Sacra, or the Mysterious and Delicious Garden of the Sacred Parthenes; symbolically set forth and enriched with Pious Devises and Emblemes for the Enter

tainment of Devout Soules, frontispiece blue morocco, gill leaves, fine copy, John Cousturier, 8vo, 1633 *** This work is illustrated by forty-nine emblematical engravings.

é o 3 Abbott (Thomas) The Soldier's Friend, or Memorials of Brunswick, a Poem, printed on yellow paper, portrait calf, gilt leaves Hull, 4to, 1828 6 : 4 Academy (The New) of Complements erected for Ladies, Gentlemen, &c. with Exact Collection of the Newest and Choicest Songs a la Mode, both Amorous and Jovial

"calf, gilt leaves - Samuel Speed, 8vo, 1669

J. (g 5 Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudesle, black letter

half morocco E. Cotes for Tho. Passinger, 4to, 1668

*** All the editions of this . curious and popular metrical performance are exceedingly rare: the present copy is from the Roxburghe Collection.

/ 6 - 6 Adamson (John) The Muses Welcome to the High and Mightie Prince James, frontispiece original vellum, Edinburgh, Thomas Finlayson, folio, 1618 *** This rare volume contains poems by Drummond of Hawthornden, David Primrose, &c. The present copy has the autograph of “Jacobus Scotlus in supremo regni Scotia Senatu Archigrammataeus,” to whom it was presented. B

/3 - 7 Adamson (John). The Traveller's Ioy, or a Sermon on the Third Verse of the Second Chapter of Solomon's Song John Haviland, 8vo, 1623

*...* At the end of this is a poem, commencing on signature A, without any regular title-page; but thus headed, “The Ark, its Loss and Recovery ; or, some Meditations on the History recorded in the beginning of 1 Sam. in meeter.” é 8 Addison (Joseph) The Drummer, or the Haunted House, a Comedy

4to, 1716 ( 9 Addison (Joseph) The Free-Holder, or Political Essays old calf - - 8vo, 1751 AEsop, see Ogilby; N. R. / 10 Aikin (John). Vocal Poetry, or a Select Collection of English Songs, to which is prefixed an Essay on Song-writing 8vo, 1810 M : 11 Aikin (John) Essays on Song-writing, with Supplement calf extra, marbled leaves - 8vo, 1810

o € 12 Ainsworth (William) Medulla Bibliorum, the Marrow of the Bible, in verse calf - George Calvert, 8vo, 1652 & 13 Alciato (Andrea) Emblemi:—Diversi Impresi accommodate é diverse moralita, con versi, &c. Tratte da gli Emblemi dell' Alciato, portrait of Alciat inserted russia, gilt leaves Lione da Gulielmo Rovillio, 8vo, 1551 *...* This series of wood engravings is supposed to be executed by or under the direction of Petit Bernard, or Sol. Bernard.

(6 - 14 Alciati (Andreae) Emblemata, 210 woodcuts

russia, gilt leaves, fine copy Antwerpia, 8vo, 1577 Y— - 15 Alciati (Andreae) Emblemata, woodcuts half calf ib. 8vo, 1622

(o 16 Aleyn (Charles). The Battailes of Crescey and Poictiers, the second edition, a poem calf, gilt leaves Thomas Harper, 8vo, 1633 (o 17 Aleyn (Charles) The Historie of Henrie of that Name the Seventh, King of England, a poem calf, gilt leaves - Tho. Cotes, 8vo, 1638 *...* The scarce portrait of Henry VII, by M. Lasne, is added.

3 - 18 ALLOT (RobFRT) ENGLANDS PARNAssus; or the choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their Poeticall Compositions

russia, very fine copy N. L. C. B. and T. H. 8vo, 1600 *, * A manuscript note on the fly leaf, probably by Michael Lort, (whose copy it was) states that “Robert Allot, the editor, was a Bookseller, living at the Black Bear in St. Paul’s Church Yard, 1631.” This volume is one of considerable rarity and interest, handing down to us specimens of many of our English Poets, which, but for the industry of the learned biblio

polist, might have been for ever lost.

3 (19 Allen (Thomas) Catalogue of his Library, large paren, with

rices and names - 8vo, 1795 • 2 / 20 Allen (Thomas) History and Antiquities of Lambeth, plates, with additional portraits inserted 8vo, 1827

so (21 ALMANACKs for 1661:-A curious and rare Collection of Twelve Almanacks for the Year 1661, by Wharton, Lilly, Booker, Wing, Saunders, Gadbury, Bird, Swain, and others, portraits added in one volume, russia, marbled leaves 8vo Zo (22 ALMANacks for ió52:Wharton (John) Calendarium Carolinum, portrait 1662

Lilly (W.) Astrological Predictions, portrait 1662
Saunder (R.) The English Appollo 1662
Bird (T.) Speculum Anni - 1662
Andrews (W.) de Rebus Coelestibus 1662
Tanner (J.) Angelus Britannicus 1662

in one volume, vellum, stamped with the royal arms, 8vo 23 Ames (Joseph) Topographical Antiquities, poris. &c. 4to, 1749 7 24 Ames (Joseph) Catalogue of English Heads, or An Account of Two Thousand Prints, describing what is peculiar in each

/ 8vo, 1748

/ // 25 Amner (John) Sacred Hymnes of 3, 4, 5 and 6 Parts, for Voyces and Wyols

half morocco, Haslewood's copy Edw. Allde, 4to, 1615

*...* This contains Cantus Primus, Cantus Secundus, Bassus, Quintus, and Sextus; at the end is a Hymn in manuscript.

ANAcREoN ; see S. B., Stanley

- 626 Anacreon, Gr. et Lat. A Baxter Lond. 8vo, 1695 (2- . 27 Andrada (J. Freire de) The Life of Dom John De Castro, transl. into English by Sir Peter Wyche, portrait by Faithorne

old calf - - folio, 1664 ~ 3 - 28 Angler (The), a Poem, in Ten Cantos, with proper Instructions - in the Art, &c. by Piscator, plates, LARGEST AND THICK PAPER, with a few additional proofs and etchings inserted mor. with embossed portraits of Walton and Cotton, 8vo, 1819

- / 29 Angler (The), a Poem, by Piscator, plates boards - - 8vo, 1819 - ( : 30 Anglers (The), Eight Dialogues, in Verse 8vo, 1758 - 4 - 31 Angler (The Gentleman), frontispiece

calf, marbled leaves - 8vo, 1786

* I 32 Angler (The Gentleman), with a Treatise on Thames Fishing, &c.

half bound russia - 8vo, n.d. l, 33 Angling:—The Innocent Epicure, or the Art of Angling, a Poem 8vo, 1713

18 34 Anglorum Speculum, or the Worthies of England, in Church and State, frontispiece inserted russia, gilt leaves, fine copy, Thomas Passinger, 8vo, 1684

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