Selections from the Dramas of Goethe and Schiller

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Pagina xi - Hence the vanity of translation ; it were as wise to cast a violet into a crucible that you might discover the formal principle of its colour and odour, as seek to transfuse from one language into another the creations of a poet.
Pagina 35 - Which gemm'd in countless throngs the vault of night. PYLADES Endless, my friend, the projects which the soul Burns to accomplish. We would every deed...
Pagina 7 - Beneath your leafy gloom, ye waving boughs Of this old, shady, consecrated grove, As in the goddess' silent sanctuary, With the same shuddering feeling forth I step, As when I trod it first, nor ever here Doth my unquiet spirit feel at home. Long as a higher will, to which I bow, Hath kept me here conceal'd, still, as at first, I feel myself a stranger.
Pagina 17 - The fate of her family pertiirbs her. Thoas has conceived a passion for her. Thou sharedst my sorrow when a hostile sword Tore from my side my last, my dearest son; Long as fierce vengeance occupied my heart, I did not feel my dwelling's dreary void ; But now, returning home, my rage appeased, My foes defeated and my son avenged, I find there's nothing left to comfort me.* And he expresses a hope to " bear her to his dwelling as a bride", which she gently evades; he then taxes her with the mystery...
Pagina 40 - Delicious music! dearly welcome tones Of our own language in a foreign land! With joy my captive eye once more beholds The azure mountains of my native coast.
Pagina 207 - The heavenly Spirit promised me a sign ; He sends the helmet, it hath come from him. Its iron filleth me with strength divine, I feel the courage of the cherubim ; As with the rushing of a mighty wind It drives me forth to join the battle's din; The clanging trumpets sound, the chargers rear, And the loud war-cry thunders in mine ear.
Pagina 98 - I on the humblest see thy garb, 1 will with joy receive him as a god, Prepare his couch myself, beside our hearth Invite him to a seat, and only ask Touching thy fate and thee. Oh, may the gods To thee the merited reward impart Of all thy kindness and benignity! Farewell...
Pagina 111 - 1 sen, ma nel suo verde ancora Verginella s'asconde e vergognosa; O più tosto parei, che mortai cosa Non s'assomiglia a te, celeste aurora Che le campagne imperla ei monti indora Lucida in ciel sereno e rugiadosa.
Pagina 8 - How circumscribed is woman's destiny ! Obedience to a harsh, imperious lord, Her duty and her comfort : sad her fate, Whom hostile fortune drives to lands remote ! Thus Thoas holds me here, a noble man, Bound with a heavy though a sacred chain.
Pagina 104 - Così avuto v' avessi o tomba, o fossa, Alla prima percossa ! Me dal sen della Madre empia Fortuna Pargoletto divelse : ah ! di que

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