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No inflated manufacturer claims, nor 'boosted' benchmarks, just real-world facts and assembly tips for building the ultimate PC! Get the real performance figures for processors from Intel, Cyrix, IBM and AMD! Understand the performance impact of different system bus and chip set designs. Fine tune every BIOS setting for maximum performance. Discover the fastest disk drive/controller combinations. Choose the best video standard for your application -- AGP or PCI? Determine which type of memory to install. Get the fastest I/O possible and crank up the speed up your network and Internet connections. This is a 'Pentiums or better' title! Only the newest and fastest technologies are discussed -- there is zero legacy system information in this book. If you need to know how to repair or maintain an older 386 or 486 system-- buy a different book! Buy this book if you need to understand how to design, assemble and fine tune modern high performance PCs. You learn to unlock the full performance potential of state-of-the-art hardware. Make Windows, Windows NT or Unix run faster and more efficiently than ever before. Use Ziff Davis' WinBench and Winstone to test your system and compare the performance of your system to those built by our expert authors.

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Thomas Pabst is the founder and author of Tom¿s Hardware Guide ( the largest independent source of cutting edge hardware information and reviews. Tom¿s review and insights into PCs and PC performance are famous for their thoroughness and independence. Tom has consistently delivered information you can¿t get anywhere else. Tom¿s advice and reviews are so popular and valuable that in a typical month, Tom¿s site delivered over 2 million impressions on the front page alone, and receives more than 200,000 page requests daily totaling over 6 million page requests a month. In his spare time, Tom is a surgeon living in London.

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