From the apostleship of St. Thomas to the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope

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D. & J. Sadlier, 1857

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Pagina 11 - Ultima Cumaei venit jam carminis aetas ; Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo. Jam redit et Virgo ; redeunt Saturnia regna ; Jam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.
Pagina 11 - Teque adeo decus hoc aevi, te consule, inibit, Pollio, et incipient magni procedere menses, te duce, si qua manent sceleris vestigia nostri, irrita perpetua solvent formidine terras, ille deum vitam accipiet, divisque videbit 15 permixtos heroas, et ipse videbitur illis, pacatumque reget patriis virtutibus orbem.
Pagina 14 - No war, or battle's sound, Was heard the world around : The idle spear and shield were high up hung ; The hooked chariot stood Unstain'd with hostile blood ; The trumpet spake not to the armed throng ; And kings sat still with awful eye, As if they surely knew their sovran Lord was by.
Pagina vii - Not until I visited Honolulu was I aware of the fact that the small remnant of the natives had been civilized into draught horses, and evangelized into beasts of burden.
Pagina 153 - As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to them that send him: for he refresheth the soul of his masters.
Pagina 11 - ... at tibi prima, puer, nullo munuscula cultu errantes hederas passim cum baccare tellus mixtaque ridenti colocasia fundet acantho. . ipsae lacte domum referent distenta capellae ubera, nec magnos metuent armenta leones. ipsa tibi blandos fundent cunabula flores.
Pagina vii - Among a multitude of similar exhibitions that I saw, I shall never forget a robust, red-faced, and very lady-like personage, a missionary's spouse, who day after day for months together took her regular airings in a little go-cart drawn by two of the islanders, one an old grey-headed man, and the other a roguish stripling, both being, with the exception of the fig-leaf, as naked as when they were born.
Pagina 278 - I see a man make use of his thoughts to escape me, like a bird that flies away, I dispose mine like a bow armed with its arrows to pierce him, and I never fail to reach him and master him. When I see a man making use of his thoughts to escape me like an agile stag, I arrange mine like a running dog to pursue him, and I never fail to...
Pagina 15 - The following from the Annals narrates the circumstance : — " In the twenty-fourth year of Tchao-Wang, of the dynasty of the Tcheou, on the eighth day of the fourth moon, a light appeared in the south-west which illuminated the King's palace. The monarch, struck by its splendour, interrogated the sages, who were skilled in foretelling future events. They then showed him books in which it was written that this prodigy signified the appearance of a great saint in the West, whose religion was to be...
Pagina 48 - He has enlarged the springs of mercy, that men might be converted. The baptism by water and by the Spirit is a law that purifies the soul and beautifies the exterior. The sign of the cross unites the four quarters of the world, and restores the harmony that had been destroyed.

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