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Early in the year 1805, a Classed Catalogue and Supplement, compiled by Mr George Sandy, who then held the Office of Librarian, were printed for the use of the Society. Towards the end of the following year, a Supplement of additions made in the interval, entitled Supplement Second, was annexed by the present Librarian, to the volume compiled by Mr Sand*; that Gentleman at the same time contributing an Index to the whole, in order to complete the volume according to his original design.

During the period which has elapsed since the Classed Catalogue and its Supplements were printed, the Library has been enriched with numerous additions, in several of the most interesting and important departments of Literature and Science. The present volume contains an Alphabetical Catalogue of these additions j and it is hoped, that by means of it, the Society will be enabled, both to judge of the progress of the IV ADVERTISEMENT.

Institution during the period mentioned, and to enjoy a fuller use of the valuable accessions which it has received.

Signet Library, July 1820.

The whole remaining copies of the Alphabetical Catalogue printed in 1820 having been destroyed, or so much injured as to be rendered unfit for use, by fire in the premises where they were reposited, and this accident having occurred after the printing of the Catalogue of additions since that year, was considerably advanced, it became necessary to reprint the former, in a separate volume, as before. The present impression is now accordingly offered to the Society.

Signet Library, September 1826.


Part ^ecorm.

A c K

* ABBOT (charles). A Treatise of the Law relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen. 8uo. Second edition. Loud. 1804.

(georce). V. Hart (sir WilLiam).

ABEL (charles). Journey in the interior of China, and Voyage to and from that Country, in 1816, 1817. ito. Lond. 1818.

ABERDEEN, v. Boroughs.

ACCUM (frederick). A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light; with coloured Plates. 8vo. Second edition. Lond. 1815.

. Description of the Process of Manufacturing Coal Gas, for the lighting of Streets, Houses, &c.; with Plates. 8»o. Lond. 1819.

ACHARD (C. F.) Cours Elementaire de Bibliographic; ou La Science du Bibliothecaire. 3 tom. 8vo. Marseil. 1806.

ACHESONE (james). The Military Garden; or, Instructions for young Soldiers. ito. Edin. 1629.

* ACKERMANN (R.) History of the University of Oxford; with coloured Plates. 2 vols. ito. Lond. 1814.

* History of the University


of Cambridge; with coloured plates. 2 vols. ito. Lond. 1815.

* ACKERMANN (R.) History of the Colleges of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster; and of the other principal Public Schools. ito. Lond. 1816.

* The Microcosm of London; with coloured Plates. 3 vols. ito. Lond.

ACOSTA (joseph). Translation of his Natural and Moral History of the East and West Indies. ito. Lond. 1604.

* ACTS of the Parliaments of Scotland, printed by command of his Majesty, in pursuance of an Address of the House of Commons. Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. Fol. Edin.

ADAM (robert). The Religious World displayed; or, a View of the Four Grand Systems of Religion—Judaism, Paganism, Mahomedism, and Christianity, and of their various sects. 3 vols. 8vo. Edin. 1809.

ADAMS (robert). Narrative of his being wrecked on the western coast of Africa, in 1810, and of his residence in Tombuctoo. ito. Lond. 1816.

ADAMSON (john). The Muse's Welcome to King James, on his return to Scotland. Fol. Edin. 1618.


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