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I HAVE attempted in this book to set forth simultaneously the elementary facts of Latin Grammar, and the fundamental principles of Latin Composition.

Commencing with the simplest forms of the Simple Sentence, I have followed that which seemed to me the order best adapted to advance the Student's knowledge of the forms of Latin words, and the structure of Latin periods. How far this order differs from that adopted in the Grammars which are commonly used in Schools will be seen from the Table of Contents.

I have endeavoured to make a careful selection of words in common use for the Vocabularies, and of passages to illustrate the ordinary rules of Syntax. The Prose Examples are chiefly taken from the writings of Cicero, Caesar, and Livy. To verses from the Latin Poets I have generally attached the name of the author.

After page 103 I have not, as a rule, given any translation of the Latin sentences, because the student, after a careful study of Parts I. and II., ought to be able with the aid of

a small dictionary) to translate such easy passages as those which he will find in the latter half of this book.

I shall be grateful for any hints for the improvement of my work from any reader who may be disposed to give me advice. I have already received much help from suggestions made by the Rev. F. Heppenstall, Headmaster of Sedbergh School, and by his late Pupils in the Sixth Form of the Perse School in Cambridge.



September 1875.

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