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L. M.


SPIRIT OF THE PSALMS. Eternity of God. Psalm 90. i ERE mountains reared their forms sublime,

Or the fair earth in order stood,
Before the birth of ancient time,

From everlasting thou art God. 2 A thousand ages in their flight,

With thee are as a fleeting day;
Past, present, future, to thy sight

At once their various scenes display.
3 But our brief life's a shadowy dream,

A passing thought, that soon is o'er,
That fades with morning's earliest beam,

And fills the musing mind no more. 4 To us, O Lord, the wisdom give

So every precious hour to spend,
That we at length with thee may live,
Where life and bliss shall never end.

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1 BEYOND, beyond that boundless sea,

Above that dome of sky,
Farther than thought itself can flee,

Thy dwelling is on high ;
Yet dear the awful thought to me,

That thou, my God! art nigh.
2 We hear thy voice when thunders roll

Through the wide fields of air ; The waves obey thy dread control :

Yet still thou art not there.

Where shall I find Him, O my soul,

Who yet is everywhere?
3 O not in circling depth, or height,

But in the conscious breast,
Present to faith, though veiled from sight,

There does his spirit rest.
O come, thou Presence Infinite,

And make thy creatures blest!

L. M.



The Love of God.

1 0 SOURCE divine, and Life of all,

The Fount of being's wondrous sea!
Thy depth would every heart appall,

That saw not Love supreme in thee. 2 We shrink before thy vast abyss,

Where worlds on worlds unnumbered brood; We know thee truly but in this,

That thou bestowest all our good.
3 And so, 'mid boundless time and space,

O, grant us still in thee to dwell,
And through the ceaseless web to trace

Thy presence working all things well! 4 Nor let thou life's delightful play

Thy truth's transcendent vision hide;
Nor strength and gladness lead astray

From thee, our nature's only guide. 5 Bestow on every joyous thrill

A deeper tone of reverent awe;
Make pure thy children's erring will,
And teach their hearts to love thy law!

C. M. 141.


Creating Wisdom.
1 ETERNAL Wisdom! thee we praise;

Thee the creation sings;
With thy loud name rocks, hills, and seas,

And heavens high palace, rings.
2 Thy hand, how wide it spread the sky!

How glorious to behold!
Tinged with a blue of heavenly dye,

And starred with sparkling gold!
3 The noisy winds stand ready there

Thy orders to obey ;
With sounding wings they sweep the air,

To make thy chariot way.
4 There, like a trumpet loud and strong,

Thy thunder shakes our coast,
While the red lightnings wave along,

The banners of thine host.
5 The rolling mountains of the deep

Observe thy strong command;
Thy breath can raise the billows steep,

Or sink them to the sand.

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6 Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And strike the gazing sight,
Through skies, and seas, and solid ground,

With terror and delight.
7 Infinite strength and equal skill

Shine through the worlds abroad,
Our souls with vast amazement fill,

And speak the builder God.

C. M.



The Majesty of God. Psalm 18.

1 The Lord descended from above,

And bowed the heavens most high ; And underneath his feet he cast

The darkness of the sky.

2 On cherub and on cherubim

Full royally he rode;
And on the wings of mighty winds

Came flying all abroad.

3 He sat serene upon

the floods, Their fury to restrain ; And he as sovereign Lord and King

For evermore shall reign.

C. M.



The Ways of God inscrutable.

| Thy way, O God! is in the sea;

Thy paths I cannot trace, Nor comprehend the mystery

Of thine unbounded grace.

2 Here the dark veils of flesh and sense

My captive soul surround; Mysterious deeps of providence

My inward thoughts confound. 3 As, through a glass, I dimly see

The wonders of thy love, How little do I know of thee,

Or of the joys above!

4 Though but in part I know thy will,

I bless thee for the sight:
Soon will thy love the whole reveal

In glory's clearer light.

5 In rapture shall I then survey

Thy providence and grace; And spend an everlasting day

In wonder, love, and praise.

L. M.

144. Watts.

God Omnipresent.
1 Within thy circling power I stand ;

On every side I find thy hand :
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad,
I am surrounded still with God.

2 Amazing knowledge, vast and great!

What large extent! what lofty height! My soul, with all the powers I boast,

Is in the boundless prospect lost. 30 may these thoughts possess my breast,

Where'er I rove, where'er I rest;
Nor let my weaker passions dare
Consent to sin, for God is there.

C. M.

Power and Majesty of God. Psalm 89.
| With reverence let the saints appear,

And bow before the Lord ; His high commands with reverence hear,

And tremble at his word.

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