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L. M.

Lord's Day Morning.
1 ANOTHER six days' work is done;

Another Sabbath is begun :
Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest,

Improve the day which God hath blest. 2 O that our thoughts and thanks may rise,

As grateful incense, to the skies,
And draw from heaven that sweet repose,
Which none but he that feels it knows!

3 This heavenly calm within the breast

Is the dear pledge of glorious rest,
Which for the Church of God remains,
The end of cares, the end of pains.

4 In holy duties let the day

In holy pleasures - pass away:
How sweet, a Sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end!

C. M.



Sabbath Morning.

i How sweet to hail the early dawn

That opens on the sight,
When first this soul-reviving morn

Beams its new rays of light!

2 Blest day! thine hours too soon will cease :

Yet, while they gently roll, Breathe, Heavenly Spirit, source of peace,

A Sabbath o'er my soul!

3 Soon will my pilgrimage be done,

The world's long week be o'er,
That Sabbath dawn which needs no sun,

That day which fades no more.

L. M.


The Lord's Day.
i How welcome thy returning beams,

Thou fairest morn of all the seven !
Those wake to toil, and earthly schemes;
Thou to repose, and thoughts of heaven.

2 Come, let us join the goodly throng,

to God our early vow, Repeat his praise in cheerful song, And at his footstool humbly bow.

3 He hath revealed a blest abode,

In gospel lines divinely fair ;
Come, let us seek the heavenly road,

That we may not be strangers there.
4 Then we may trust our Father's love,

That, when we've passed these days of care,
Trained for his blissful courts above,
An endless Sabbath we shall share.


"Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath day."
1 GREAT God! this sacred day of thine

Demands the soul's collected powers :
With joy to thee we now resign
These solemn, consecrated hours:

O may our souls adoring own
The grace that calls us to thy throne.

2 All-seeing God! thy piercing eye

Can every secret thought explore : May worldly cares our bosoms fly, And where thou art, intrude no more : O may thy grace our spirits move,

And fix our minds on things above. 3 Thy Spirit's powerful aid impart,

And bid thy words, with life divine,
Engage the ear, and warm the heart;
Then shall the day indeed be thine ;
Our souls shall then adoring own
The grace that calls us to thy throne.

S. M.



The Sabbath.


Hail to the Sabbath day!

The day divinely given; When men to God their homage pay,

And earth draws near to heaven.


Lord, in this sacred hour,

Within thy courts we bend, And bless thy love, and own thy power,

Our Father and our Friend!


But thou art not alone

In courts by mortals trod, Nor only is the day thine own,

When crowds adore their God.

4 Thy temple is the arch

Of yon unmeasured sky, Thy Sabbath the stupendous march

Of grand eternity.

5 Lord! may a holier day

Dawn on thy servants' sight; And grant us in thy courts to pray,

Of pure, unclouded light.



C. M.



Morning Worship.

1 Once more, my soul, the rising day

Salutes thy waking eyes !
Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay

To Him who rules the skies.

2 Day unto day his name repeats ;

The night renews the sound,
Through all the heaven on which he sits

And rolls the seasons round.

3 And we will magnify his name,

Our tongue shall speak his praise,
Whose hand sustains our mortal frame

Through all our passing days.

4 My God! may every hour be thine,

Till all our days are past;
So shall our sun in peace decline,

And set in smiles at last.

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