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L. M.



Gratitude to God for Innumerable Mercies.

i In glad amazement, Lord, I stand,

Amidst the bounties of thy hand ;
How numberless these bounties are,

How rich, how various, and how fair! 2 But O what poor returns I make!

What lifeless thanks I pay thee back! Lord, I confess, with humble shame,

My offerings scarce deserve the name. 3 Fain would my laboring heart devise

To bring some nobler sacrifice;
It sinks beneath the mighty load :

What shall I render to my God? 4 In deep abasement, Lord, I see

My emptiness and poverty :
Enrich my soul with grace divine,

And make it worthier to be thine.
5 Give me at length an angel's tongue,

That heaven may echo with my song ; The theme, too great for time, shall be My joy throughout eternity.


H. M.

120. WATTS.

Praise to the King of Glory.
The Lord Jehovah reigns;

His throne is built on high ;
The garments he assumes

Are light and majesty :
His glories shine

No mortal eye With beams so bright, Can bear the sight.


The thunders of his hand

Keep the wide world in awe,
His power and justice stand

To guard his holy law :
And where his love His truth confirms
Resolves to bless,

And seals the grace.
And can this mighty King

Of glory condescend ?
And will he write his name

My Father and my Friend?
I love his name,

Join all my powers I love his word : And praise the Lord.



S. M. 121. MRS. STEELE,

Hymn of Gratitude.
My Maker and my King,

To thee my all I owe;
Thy sovereign bounty is the spring

From whence my blessings flow.

2 Thou, ever good and kind,

A thousand reasons move, A thousand obligations bind

My heart to grateful love.


The creature of thy hand,

On thee alone I live;
My God, thy benefits demand

More praise than life can give.


( what can I impart,

When all is thine before ?
Thy love demands a thankful heart;

The gift, alas, how poor!

5 0, let thy grace inspire

My soul with strength divine; Let all my powers to thee aspire,

And all my days be thine.

C. M. 122.

TATE & BRADY. Praising God in all Changes. Psalm 34. 1 Through all the changing scenes of life,

In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still

My heart and tongue employ. 2 Of his deliverance I will boast,

Till all who are distrest
From my example comfort take,

And charm their griefs to rest.

3 The hosts of God encamp around

The dwellings of the just; Deliverance he affords to all

Who on his succor trust.

4 O make but trial of his love,

Experience will decide
How blest they are, and only they,

Who in his truth confide.

5 Fear him, ye saints; and you will then

Have nothing else to fear:
Make you his service your delight,

He'll make your wants his care.


S. M.

Praise for Prescrving Grace.
1 To God the only wise,

Our Saviour and our King,
Let all the saints below the skies

Their humble praises bring.

T is his almighty love,

His counsel and his care,
Preserves us safe from sin and death,

And every hurtful snare.
He will present our souls

Unblemished and complete,
Before the glory of his face,

With joys divinely great.



Then all the chosen seed

Shall meet around the throne, Shall bless the conduct of his grace,

And make his wonders known.


To our Redeemer, God,

Wisdom and power belong, Immortal crowns of majesty

And everlasting song.

78. M.



Joyful Praise.

i Let us with a joyful mind

Praise the Lord, for he is kind,
For his mercies shall endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.

2 Let us sound his name abroad,

For of gods he is the God,
Who by wisdom did create

Heaven's expanse and all its state ; 3 Did the solid earth ordain

How to rise above the main :
Who, by his commanding might,

Filled the new-made world with light; 4 Caused the golden-tressèd sun

All the day his course to run ;
And the moon to shine by night,

'Mid her spangled sisters bright. 5 All his creatures God doth feed,

His full hand supplies their need;
Let us, therefore, warble forth
His high majesty and worth.

78. M. 125. MRS. BARBAULD.

Praise to God always, for all Things.
i PRAISE to God, immortal praise,

For the love that crowns our days :
Bounteous Source of every joy,

Let thy praise our tongues employ!
2 All that spring with bounteous hand

Scatters o'er the smiling land ;
All that liberal autumn pours

From her rich, o'erflowing stores ;3 These to thee, our God! we owe,

Source whence all our blessings flow;
And for these our souls shall raise
Grateful vows and solemn praise.

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