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4 Yet should rising whirlwinds tear

From its stem the ripening ear ;
Should the fig-tree's blasted shoot

Drop her green, untimely fruit;
5 Should thine altered hand restrain

The early and the latter rain,
Blast each opening bud of joy,

And the rising year destroy ;-
6 Still to thee our souls shall raise

Grateful vows and solemn praise;
And, when every blessing 's flown,
Love thee — for thyself alone.

L. M. 126. BOWRING.

Praise at Morning, Noon, and Night. 1 When, wakened by thy voice of power,

The hour of morning beams in light,
My voice shall sing that morning hour,

And thee, who mad'st that hour so bright. 2 The morning strengthens into noon;

Earth's fairest beauties shine more fair ; And noon and morning shall attune

My grateful heart to praise and prayer. 3. When, 'neath the evening western gate,

The sun's retiring rays are hid,
My joy shall be to meditate,

E’en as the pious patriarch did. 4 As twilight wears a darker hue,

And gathering night creation dims,
The twilight and the midnight too
Shall have their harmonies and hymns.

5 So shall sweet thoughts, and thoughts sublime,

My constant inspirations be;

every shifting scene of time Reflect, my God, a light from thee. C. M.

The Divine Bounty inspiring Gratitude.
1 Our souls with pleasing wonder view

The bounties of Thy grace,
How much bestowed, how much reserved

For them that seek thy face!
2 Thy liberal hand with worldly bliss

Oft makes their cup run o'er ; And in the covenant of thy love

They find diviner store. 3 Thine eyes shall read those grateful thoughts

No language can express;
Yet when our liveliest thanks we pay,

Our debts do most increase.
4 Since time's too short, all-gracious God,

To utter half thy praise, Loud to the honor of thy name

Eternal hymns we'll raise

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C. P. M.



Praise for God's Love.

1 My God! thy boundless love I praise :
How bright on high its glories blaze,

How sweetly bloom below!
It streams from thine eternal throne;
Through heaven its joys for ever run,

And o'er the earth they flow.

2 'T is love that paints the purple morn,
And bids the clouds, in air upborne,

Their genial drops distil;
In every vernal beam it glows,
And breathes in every gale that blows,

And glides in every rill.
3 It robes in cheerful green the ground,
And pours its flowery beauties round,

Whose sweets perfume the gale:
Its bounties richly spread the plain
With blushing fruit, and golden grain,

And smile on every vale.
4 But in thy word I see it shine
With grace and glories more divine,

Proclaiming sins forgiven; There Faith, bright cherub, points the way To realms of everlasting day,

And opens all her heaven.
5 Then let the love that makes me blessed
With cheerful praise inspire my breast,

And ardent gratitude;
And all my thoughts and passions tend
To thee, my Father and my Friend,

My soul's eternal good.

H. M.



Universal Praise.


YE boundless realms of joy,

Maker's fame;
His praise your song employ

Above the starry frame;
Your voices raise, And seraphim,
Ye cherubim

To sing his praise.



Thou moon, that rul'st the night,

And sun, that guid'st the day,
Ye glittering stars of light,

To him your homage pay.
His praise declare,

And clouds that move Ye heavens above, In liquid air.

Let them adore the Lord,

And praise his holy name,
By whose almighty word

They all from nothing came.
And all shall last His firm decree
From changes free: Stands ever fast.

United zeal be shown,

His wondrous fame to raise,
Whose glorious name alone

Deserves our endless praise.
Earth's utmost ends His glorious sway
His power obey :

The sky transcends. S. M. 130.



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O bless the Lord, my soul!

His grace to thee proclaim;
And all that is within me join

To bless his holy name.
O bless the Lord, my soul!

His mercies bear in mind;
Forget not all his benefits:

The Lord to thee is kind. He pardons all thy sins, Prolongs thy feeble breath; He healeth thine infirmities,

And ransoms thee from death.


4 He clothes thee with his love,

Upholds thee with his truth, And, like the eagle, he renews

The vigor of thy youth.
Then bless his holy name


Whose grace hath made thee whole ; Whose loving-kindness crowns thy days:

O bless the Lord, my soul !

7. M. 131.

MONTGOMERY. Glory to God in the Highest. i Songs of praise the angels sang,

Heaven with hallelujahs rang,
When Jehovah's work begun,

When he spake, and it was done. 2 Songs of praise awoke the morn,

When the Prince of Peace was born ;
Songs of praise arose, when he

Captive led captivity.
3 Heaven and earth must pass away,

Songs of praise shall crown that day; God will make new heavens and earth,

Songs of praise shall hail their birth. 4 Saints below, with heart and voice,

Still in songs of praise rejoice;
Learning here, by faith and love, .

Songs of praise to sing above. 5 Borne upon the latest breath,

Songs of praise shall conquer death ;
Then, amidst eternal joy,
Songs of praise our powers employ.

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