Primeval Man: An Exhibition of Some Recent Speculations

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G. Routledge & Sons, 1873 - 208 pagine

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Pagina 190 - Whenever we can trace back a religion to its first beginnings, we find it free from many blemishes that affected it in its later stages."* One of the most ancient religions of the world . is . re* "Chips from a German Workshop,
Pagina 193 - For it is, in truth, one of the most effective causes and instruments of Degradation. It is its function to give form and expression to all those vague emotions which arise inevitably out of contact between the mind that is in Man and the mind that is in Nature. These emotions are literally what the Poet calls them — " the blank misgivings of a creature moving about in worlds not realized.
Pagina 169 - Whilst beholding these savages, one asks, Whence have they come? What could have tempted, or what change compelled a tribe of men to leave the fine regions of the north, to travel down the Cordillera or backbone of America, to invent and build canoes, which are not used by the tribes of Chile, Peru, and Brazil, and then to enter on one of the most inhospitable countries within the limits of the globe...
Pagina 168 - Their country is a broken mass of wild rocks, lofty hills, and useless forests: and these are viewed through mists and endless storms. The habitable land is reduced to the stones on the beach; in search of food they are compelled unceasingly to wander from spot to spot, and so steep is the coast, that they can only move about in their wretched canoes.
Pagina 94 - And Canaan begat Sidon his firstborn, and Heth, and the Jebusite, and the Amorite, and the Girgasite, and the Hivite, and the Arkite, and the Sinite, and the Arvadite, and the Zemarite, and the Hamathite: and afterward were the families of the Canaanites spread abroad.
Pagina 74 - Engis skull, clearly indicate that the first traces of the primordial stock whence man has proceeded need no longer be sought, by those who entertain any form of the doctrine of progressive development, in the newest tertiaries ; but that they may be looked for in an epoch more distant from the age of the Elephas primigenius than that is from us.
Pagina 169 - These poor wretches were stunted in their growth, their hideous faces bedaubed with white paint, their skins filthy and greasy, their hair entangled, their voices discordant, and their gestures violent. Viewing such men, one can hardly make oneself believe that they are fellowcreatures, and inhabitants of the same world.
Pagina 109 - There was a time," says the same author, "when the ancestors of the Celts, the Germans, the Slavonians, the Greeks, and Italians, the Persians and Hindus, were living together beneath the same roof — separate from the ancestors of the Semitic (Hebrew) and Turanian races." * The principle oh which the evidence of language...
Pagina 111 - The terms for God, for house, for father, mother, son, daughter, for dog and cow, for heart and tears, for axe and tree, identical in all the IndoEuropean idioms, are like the watchwords of soldiers.

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