Italian High Renaissance and Baroque sculpture

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Phaidon Press, 1996 - 560 pagine
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For the fourth edition of this introduction to Italian sculpture, the authoras thoroughly revised the text, notes and bibliographies, incorporating allhe significant new research and publications since the last major revisionn 1970-2.;Volume III, ranging from 1500 to the late-17th century, begins andnds with two outstanding personalities: Michelangelo and Bernini.ichelangelo forged a new and ideal style, the development of which is tracedn the work of Andrea and Jacopo Sansovino, Benvenuto Cellini, Giambologna,ietro Tacca, Leone Leoni, Alessandro Vittoria and others. The author alsoescribes the artistic problems presented by the statue, relief, portrait,omb and fountain in the 16th century, culminating in the dramaticnnovations of Bernini which ushered in the Baroque style.;The new edition ofhis work provides an accessible introduction to the subject for scholars,tudents and all lovers of Italian art. At the same time its scholarly notesake it a valuable reference work. Each volume in the set of three can benjoyed in its own right.

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the Early Works
the Medici Chapel
the Tomb of Pope Julius II

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Pope-Hennessy was the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum and was the consultative chairman of the Department of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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