A New History of Southeast Asia

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Macmillan International Higher Education, 19 nov 2010 - 544 pagine
A new, comprehensive, one volume history of Southeast Asia that spans prehistory to the present. Ricklefs brings together colleagues at the National University of Singapore whose expertise covers the entire region, encompassing political, social, economic, religious and cultural history.

Opening with an account of the ethnic groups and initial cultural and social structures of Southeast Asia, the book moves through the early 'classical' states, the arrival of new global religions and the impact of non-indigenous actors. The history of early modern states and their colonial successors is followed by analysis of World War II across the region, Offering a definitive account of decolonisation and early post-colonial nation-building, the text then transports us to modern-day Southeast Asia, exploring its place in a world recovering from the financial crisis.

The distinguished author team provide an authoritative and accessible narrative, drawing upon the latest research and offering detailed guidance on further reading. A landmark contribution to the field, this is an essential text for scholars, students and anyone interested in Southeast Asia.

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1 Ethnic Groups Early Cultures and Social Structures
2 Early State Formation
3 Classical States at Their Height
4 New Global Religions and Ideas from the Thirteenth Century
5 The Rise of New States from the Fourteenth Century
6 NonIndigenous Actors Old and New
7 Early Modern Southeast Asian States
8 Colonial Communities c18001900
10 World War II in Southeast Asia 19421945
11 Regaining Independence in the Decades After 1945
12 Building Nations to c1990
13 Boom and Bust in Southeast Asia c19902008
14 Southeast Asia Today
Recommended Readings
Index and Glossary

9 Reform New Ideas and the 1930s Crisis c19001942

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Informazioni sull'autore (2010)

M. C. RICKLEFS is Professor of History at the National University of Singapore. He is an historian of Indonesia.

BRUCE LOCKHART is Associate Professor of History at National University of Singapore.

ALBERT LAU is Associate Professor of History at National University of Singapore.

PORTIA REYES is a Lecturer in the Department of History at the National University of Singapore.

MAITRII AUNG-THWIN is Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian/Burmese History at the National University of Singapore.

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