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two years, and eventually a compromise was arrived at, the result of which is that the National Herbarium now possesses a more representative collection of Welwitsch's work than that at


Justen died in 1906, and in 1909 the business was formed into a limited company; and somewhat later was transferred to Margaret Street, Cavendish Square.

In 1925, Dulau and Company held an Exhibition of Fine Books illustrative of the best English printing of 1700-1925. Owing to the co-operation of many well-known bibliographers and typographical experts, the exhibition was an interesting and representative one, and a note about it was written by Mr. Strickland Gibson, M.A., author of "Some Oxford Libraries", etc. This brochure, which was arranged typographically by Mr. Francis Meynell and printed at the Pelican Press, was published in a limited edition and went speedily out of print.

Early in 1927 the firm secured the lease of a shop in Old Bond Street, and having since, in addition, secured the freehold of adjacent premises, regards with considerable contentment the prospect of remaining in this convenient location for many years.

Bond Street, Old and New, is full of interesting associations. Ackermann published a charming coloured print of Long's Hotel, Bond Street, where Scott met Byron. Sterne, of course, died in Bond Street; Boswell's Paoli and Gibbon were early residents; and Ozias Humphrey and Lawrence represented Art here. Lytton called it "The street of London's charms the centre". Its present attractions are familiar to visitors to London from all parts of the world, and to shop in Bond Street is synonymous with purchasing the best that can be found.

For our own part, we have directed our attention since our acquisition of the business to the continual improvement of the stock. We frequently issue catalogues of fine books and prints, and are always pleased to add new names to our mailing list. The ever-growing interest shown in fine Persian and Indian miniature paintings has encouraged us to hold a representative collection of this fascinating branch of Oriental art. We also have the delicate Chinese paintings on rice-paper of flowers, butterflies and costumes; also a large and constantly replenished supply of old coloured prints of flowers, birds and topographical views, for which we find there is a steady and increasing demand for all kinds of decorative uses.

We have special facilities for advising in the matter of book-collecting and for preparing collections on special subjects and by special authors. First editions of most of the famous books in English literature pass through our hands from time to time, and whether your particular desire is for a "Pynson", a "Gerarde's Herbal", a "Paradise Lost", a "Boswell”, an "Opium Eater", an "Adam Bede" or a "Voyage Out", you will find an expert on our staff who, if we have not one in stock, will locate a copy as speedily and as reasonably as possible.

In the following catalogue will be found some very scarce and interesting books, but they form but a small portion of our stock, and we shall always be very glad to hear of the special interests and wants of our customers. We take a great deal of pains to report against lists of desiderata, and any clients who have the time and who feel inclined to send us a short note of their special wants, or of subjects and authors in which they are interested, will find the trouble well repaid. Every single list of such kind which is sent to us is personally handled by one or other of our directors within whose sphere it falls, and book-collectors have thus the security and wide range of a long-established firm, combined with the personal and expert attention which is usually accorded them only by the small specialist.

The firm still publishes a few volumes yearly, mostly dealing with Natural History or Bibliographical subjects. A list of the most recent will be found at the end of this catalogue.

ADAMS. THE WHITE DEVIL, or, The Hypocrite Uncased: In a Sermon Preached at 1 Pauls Crosse, March 7. 1612. By Thomas Adams, Minister of the Gospell at Willington, in Bedford-shire.

Sm. 4to, original limp vellum, with ties. London: Printed by Melchisedech Bradwood for Ralph Mabbe, 1613.


Rare. The only other copy known is in the New York Public Library. Thomas Adams is known as the "prose Shakespeare of puritan theologians". [ADDISON]. THE FREE-HOLDER, or Political Essays. London: Printed for D. Midwinter 2 and J. Tonson, 1716.

Roy. 8vo, original half calf, gilt, with marbled sides.


Large-paper copy, entirely uncut, the page measuring 98′′ × 6′′. Exceedingly scarce in this state.

ADDISON (Joseph). WORKS. With a Complete Index, portrait and engraved plates.

4 vols., 4to, contemporary crimson morocco, with raised bands on backs, inside dentelles, and yellow edges [by, or in the style of, Roger Payne]. Birmingham: Printed by John Baskerville for J. and R. Tonson, 1761.


A beautiful set, easily the finest we have ever seen, of this famous edition.

ÆSOP. THE FABLES OF ESOP, With a Life of the Author. One hundred and twelve 4 engraved plates by Grainger after T. Stothard.

2 vols., roy. 8vo, contemporary russia gilt, with raised bands on backs, wide blind and gilt tooled borders and inside fillets. London: Stockdale, 1793.


Large-paper copy. A fine and handsome copy in remarkably good condition. ALCIPHRONIS RHETORIS EPISTOLAE GRAECE ET LATINE, ad Editionem S. Bergleri, 5

accuratissime impressae.

8vo, contemporary green morocco, with gilt borders on sides and the back tooled to a classical design, with gilt edges. Trajecti-ad-Rhenum: apud B. Wild et J. Altheer, £8|-|


A beautiful copy, on large and Dutch paper; rare. From the Renouard Collection, with a note by Renouard on the fly-leaf; and, later, from the library of Sir George Holford. ALDUS. See 41.

AMERICA. AN ACCOUNT OF THE EUROPEAN SETTLEMENTS IN AMERICA. In Six Parts. 6 Each Part contains An accurate Description of the Settlements in it, their Extent, Climate, Productions, Trade, Genius and Disposition of their Inhabitants: the Interests of the several Powers of Europe with respect to those Settlements; and their Political and Commercial Views with regard to each other.

Two folding maps. 2 vols., 8vo, original calf, gilt, with new lettering-pieces. London: Dodsley, 1757. £5/10/

By William Burke, who worked on it in conjunction with his kinsman, Edmund Burke, when they were travelling companions in 1752.

AMERICA, See also 79.

ANGELICA'S LADIES LIBRARY; or, Parents and Guardians Present. With eight elegant 7 plates, designed by A. Kauffman, and H. Bunbury, Esq. Dedicated, by Permission, to Her Majesty.

Square 8vo, blue morocco with polished marbled calf panels to sides, gilt. 1794. £5/5/

The great charm of this work is in the eight oval stipple engravings by Angelica Kauffman and H. Bunbury, which in this copy have been delicately coloured by hand.

8 ANSTEY (Christopher). POETICAL WORKS. With some account of the Life and Writings of the Author, by His Son, John Anstey. 1808.

Portrait and full-page engravings. 4to, original calf, gilt.


A very fine copy, beautifully printed by Bulmer. From the library of the Marquess of

9 ANTONINUS. INCIPIT SUMMA CFESSIÕIS UTILISSIMA: in qua agit quō se haberi debeat ĉfessor erga penitētē ī čfessionibus audiendis: quam edidit reverendissimus vir ac in xpo paternus frater Antoni' archiepus floren. ordinis fratrů pdicatorum.

Double column. Painted initials throughout. 4to, floriated paper boards. Venice, 1484.


A large and good copy.

Hain, 1192.

10 APULEIUS. ACCIPE CANDIDISSIME LECTOR PHILIPPI BEROALDI VIRI DOCTISSIMI IN ASINUM AUREŨ L. Apulei ex Archetypo redimpressa (Arte singulariq. in imprimendis libris industria honesti viri Magistri Joannis Philippi) commentaria qd si probaveris spero te brevi hac venustissima litera ejusdem Floridorum libros cum plerisq. aliis Apulei monumentis q. emendatissime confecturum.

Folio, eighteenth-century panelled calf, gilt. Paris: Ludovicus Hornken, 1512. £71-1The title-page is printed in red and black. A few leaves are slightly stained, but the copy is a good one, with large margins.

From the Sunderland and George Dunn libraries, with book-plates.

II ARETINUS (Leonardus). PROHEMIO DI DONATO ACCIAIOLI NELLA HISTORIA FIORENTINA, tradocta per Lui in Vulgare. Editio Princeps. Venice: J. de Rossi, 1476.

Roman letter, 41 long lines to a full page, 218 11.

[Hain, *1562; Proctor, 4242].

(Bound with)

POGGIO: HISTORIA FIORENTINA in Lingua Fiorentina. Editio Princeps. Venice: J. de
Rossi, 1476.

Roman letter, 116 ll., 41 long lines to a full page.

[Hain, *13172; Proctor, 4243.]

Folio. Two works in 1 vol., a few very slight stains, limp vellum.


12 ARIOSTO. ROLAND FURIEUX par Messire Loys Arioste-traduit naivement de l'Italien. Augmentee de la Suite et des cinq Chants qui restoient de l'œuvre entier ✶ * * de ce

divin Poete.

Quaint wood engravings. Thick sm. 8vo, polished morocco, extra, gilt edges, by Lortic.
Lyon, 1616.

13 ART. DETAILLE (Ed.). Types ET UNIFORMES DE L'ARMÉE FRANÇAISE. Texte par J. Richard. Paris, 1885-89.

No. 33 of 100 copies with plates on Japan paper. 344 plates, many in colours. 2 vols., large folio, in 32 strong portfolios, as issued.


ARTE DELL' ARMI di Achille Marozzo Bolognese.

Engraved title-page and many plates. Sm. 4to, old limp vellum. Venetia: appresso Antonio Pinargenti, 1568. £61-1

The engravings in this book are very delicately executed. The last few leaves are cropped, and a few are stained.



Post 8vo, contemporary crimson morocco, gilt, gilt edges [by Smith]. 1824. £10/10/The Beckford Library copy, number 449 at the Beckford Library sale in 1882.

The plates are in two states, proofs and etchings.

The copy has two pages of holograph notes by Beckford, in which the author of "Vathek" makes caustic comments on the poem.


[AUDLEY]. THE COURT CONVERT: or, A Sincere Sorrow for Sin, Faithfully Travers'd: 16
Expressing the Dignity of a True Penitent. Drawn in Little, by One, whose Manifold
Misfortunes Abroad; have render'd him Necessitated, to seek for Shelter Here; by
Dedicating himself, and the said small Poem, to the Divine Astrea. By H. A. Gent.
Sm. 8vo, original calf. 1698.

£5/5/The pages are somewhat browned with age. The dedication leaf, as in other copies, is inserted. In this copy it bears the name of Henry Audley as being the author of the book, although copies are known with the name of Henry Armstrong.



OF ST. ALBANES, SOMETIMES LORD CHANCELLOUR OF ENGLAND. Being Essayes and severall Letters to severall great Personages, and other pieces of various and high concernment not heretofore published. A Table whereof for the Readers more ease is adjoyned.

Sm. 4to, old-style half calf, gilt, with marbled sides. London: Printed by B. Alsop for Lawrence Chapman, 1648.


The first edition. Lacks A1, probably a blank.

The third volume published of the collections of miscellanies found amongst Bacon's papers.

Printed in black, with red chapter-headings. Folio, vellum, gilt, as issued. London: The Cresset Press, 1928. £7/10/Limited to an edition of 250 numbered copies, printed on Batchelor's Kelmscott handmade paper.


Sm. 4to, marbled boards. 1640.


The first edition of this book was undated, but published about 1604.



20 BACON Francis, Baron of Verniam,.


Portrait ro vois, 8vo, contemporary scored call gin with raised bands on back, and
marbled edges. 1303-

The portrait has "cf-set" on to the title-page; otherwise a very nice set of this good
library edition.

21 BALZAC. THE LETTERS OF MONSIEUR DE BALZAC Translated into English, according to the last Edition. By W. T., Esq.

Sm. 410, original calf London: Printed by Nicholas Cies for Richard Clotterbuck, 1534


Translated by William Tirwhyt


12 pages. Black letter. Sm. 4to, limp vellum. Bragis, 1436.
Hain, 2417. Large and fine copy.

£15 -'


Cr. 8vo. 1888.


First edition. Very good copy but for name in ink on end-paper.

Garland No. 2. The bibliography, however, is clearly in error about the signatures, which it describes as 2-1. A simple calculation of the number of pages which this entails will show the error. Signature 17 is, in point of fact, only four leaves.


Cr. 8vo. 1889.

The first edition. A good copy.


Presentation copy from the author, with fully-signed inscription on the half-title. In addition are inserted two long and interesting letters written by Mr. Barrie to the recipient of the book.

One of these letters is of considerable importance, as it deals with the whereabouts of the actual "Window" of the story.

The second letter is mostly about Thomas Hardy and his work.


3 vols. 1891.


First edition. Small stain on the front cover of each volume and a front end-paper missing in each; otherwise a good copy, in clean condition.

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27 BARRIE (J. M.). AUTOGRAPH LETTER, written from Adelphi Terrace House, London, in January, 1920, and signed in full. 11⁄2 pages, 12mo.


28 BASKERVILLE BIBLE. THE HOLY BIBLE, Containing the Old Testament and the New: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and With the former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.

Folio, contemporary dark blue morocco, with raised bands on back, richly tooled,

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