Labirinto Della Masone: Franco Maria Ricci's Bamboo Park and Art Collection

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Franco Maria Ricci, 2017 - 168 pagine

- Beautiful photographs of Labirinto della Masone

- A relaxing stroll through bamboo and works of art

"People know me as an art publisher and graphic designer, but in recent years I have devoted most of my time to a completely different activity: the one of building a labyrinth. It wasn't something I had expected since the beginning; and now in this essay, I would like to explain how it all happened" As Ariadne and Theseus came to know, you necessitate strings to help you navigate into a maze. This book, as Franco Maria Ricci writes at the beginning, is a small tour du propriÚtaire by Ricci himself. His text, accompanied by the exquisite full-page photographs of Massimo Listri and Mauro Davoli, long-time contributors to the publishing house, describes a place that lives and transforms, a meeting point, a social venue linked to its region and cosmopolitan ensemble.

Informazioni sull'autore (2017)

Franco Maria Ricci (1937-2020) was an important publisher, bibliophile and art collector, and also the creative mind behind the Labirinto della Masone, the world's largest maze, in Fontanellato, Italy.

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