Christopher Columbus

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Teacher Created Materials, 14 dic 2004 - 24 pagine
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Christopher Colombus is one of the most famous explorers of all time. Young readers will learn about the discoveries he made in this fascinating biography. Using vivid images, supportive text, and engaging sidebars, children will learn about Colombus' exploration to the New World and what an impact it made on Spain, the Native Indians, as well as the world. The glossary and table of contents help readers easily find their way through the pages and gain a better understanding of the content.

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The Man Who Changed the World
In the Time of Columbus
His Dreams
The Size of Earth
Getting Funding
Gathering a Crew
On the Sea
Landing in the New World
Explorers and the Natives
Columbus Other Voyages
How Columbus Made History

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Wendy Conklin, M.A. Ed., is an award-winning author, editor, educational consultant, and teacher. She trains teachers in staff development workshops across the country, writes curriculum, and teaches diverse groups of children.

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