Catalogue des ouvrages donnés par M. V. Schoelcher, sénateur

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Pagina 59 - Miscellaneous anecdotes illustrative of the manners and history of Europe, during the reigns of Charles II., James II., William III. and Queen Anne, 1811, with five plates.
Pagina 65 - A HISTORY OF THE HEBREW MONARCHY from the Administration of Samuel to the Babylonish Captivity.
Pagina 89 - Theatrical Records : or, An Account of English Dramatic Authors, and their Works, London, Dodsley, 1766, p.
Pagina 89 - Traité de la culture du Nopal, et de l'éducation de la Cochenille dans les Colonies Françaises de l'Amérique; précédé d'un Voyage à Guaxaca, par M.
Pagina 45 - Hooker.— Kew Gardens; or, a Popular Guide to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew. By SIR WILLIAM JACKSON HOOKER, KH, &c., Director. New Edition; with many Woodcuts.
Pagina 80 - Infant Feeding and its Influence on Life ; or, the Causes and Prevention of Infant Mortality. By CHF ROUTH, MD, Senior Physician to the Samaritan Hospital. Third Edition. Fcap. 8vo, 7s. 6d. A Practical Manual of the Diseases of Children.
Pagina 16 - Speech before the Antislavery Meeting held in Stacy Hall, Boston, on the Twentieth Anniversary of the Mob of October 21, 1835.
Pagina 62 - ... general anti-slavery convention, called by the committee of the British and foreign anti-slavery society, and held in London, from Friday, June 12th, to Tuesday, June 23rd, 1840.
Pagina 59 - Speech . . . on the subject of slavery in the territories and the consequences of the threatened dissolution of the Union.
Pagina 76 - RENNIE'S (JAMES) Insect Architecture. To which are added Chapters on the Ravages, the Preservation, for Purposes of Study, and the Classification of Insects. New Edition. Woodcuts. Post Svo. 5s. RICARDO'S (DAVID) Political Works. With a Notice of his Life and Writings. By JR M'CuLLOCH. New Edition. Svo. 16s. RIPA'S (FATHER) Memoirs during Thirteen Years' Residence at the Court of Peking, in the Service of the Emperor of China.

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