The whole art of dress! or, The road to elegance and fashion, at the enormous saving of thirty per cent!!! By a cavalry officer

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Pagina 24 - ... Yankee Tie lays most claim to originality, the Ball Room one is considered the most exquisite, and requires the greatest practice. It is thus described by a " talented" professor : — "The cloth, of virgin white, well starched and folded to the proper depth, should be made to sit easy and graceful on the neck, neither too tight nor loose ; but with a gentle pressure, curving inwards from the further extension of the chin, down the throat to the centre dent in the middle of the neck. This should...
Pagina 81 - The coat, padded well in every direction... is rendered small at the back by the use of stays. . . Then, as for bandy-legs, or knock-knees, they are totally unseen in long, stiff, leather boots, that extend up on the thigh, to which two inch heels may be very safely appended, so that with the cuirass and different accoutrement straps, it offers...
Pagina 82 - After peace broke out in 1815 and the volunteer regiments had to be disbanded, the Prince Regent took care to establish new, civil uniforms for all senior court and government officials and for the Lords Lieutenant of counties in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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