The Geographical Journal, Volume 30

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Royal Geographical Society, 1907
Includes the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, formerly published separately.

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Pagina 297 - But thus much is certain, that he that commands the sea is at great liberty, and may take as much and as little of the war as he will.
Pagina 294 - English writers upon commerce set out with observing, that the wealth of a country consists, not in its gold and silver only, but in its lands, houses, and consumable goods of all different kinds. In the course of their reasonings, however, the lands, houses, and consumable goods seem to slip out of their memory, and the strain of their argument frequently supposes that all wealth consists in gold and silver, and that to multiply those metals is the great object of national industry and commerce.
Pagina 194 - from 1820 to 1902 closes the first part of the book. The second part is devoted to...
Pagina 106 - Royal Atlas of Modern Geography. Exhibiting, in a series of entirely original and authentic maps, the present condition of geographical discovery and research in the several countries, empires, and states of the world.
Pagina 443 - MODERN ARGENTINA. The El Dorado of To-day. With notes on Uruguay and Chile. By WH KOEBEL. With 123 illustrations.
Pagina 732 - All Subscriptions are payable in advance, on the 1st of January in each year. The privileges of a Fellow include admission (with one Friend) to all ordinary Meetings of the Society, and the use of the Society's House, Library and Map-room. Each Fellow is also entitled to receive a copy of all the Society's Periodical Publications. Copies of the Year Book, Regulations, and Candidates' Certificates may be had on application at the Society's House.
Pagina 646 - Blue Ridge; includes the ridge extending from a few miles north of Harpers Ferry to northern Georgia. Appalachian Plateau; includes the entire plateau forming the western member of the Appalachian System, known in the north as the Allegheny Plateau and in the south as the Cumberland Plateau. Ozark...
Pagina 651 - ... the flow near the bottom is slower, and there is not nearly so much centrifugal force exerted down below. Wherefore the piled-up water is continually returning from upper to lower level, that is from the concave to the convex bank, as an undercurrent, almost at right angles to the main stream, bringing with it, by its undertow, silt and solid matter, which it deposits near the inner side of the bend, thus constantly increasing its own sinuosity in the well-known way. The stream itself, combining...
Pagina 133 - Jose's observations hear this out, for on several occasions, when he heard it feeding, it simply paused to take a leaf here and there and then passed on again. This portion of the journey was the most trying to the health of the party, the long stays in the hot steaming forest hunting the okapi, and the work on the Welle, which has an evil reputation for being the breeding-ground of bilious and blackwater fever, told severely upon our already weakened constitutions, and we were all attacked by fever....

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