The Philosophy of Schopenhauer

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This is a revised and enlarged version of Bryan Magee's widely praised study of Schopenhauer, the most comprehensive book on this great philosopher. It contains a brief biography of Schopenhauer, a systematic exposition of his thought, and a critical discussion of the problems to which it gives rise and of its influence on a wide range of thinkers and artists. For this new edition Bryan Magee has added three new chapters and made many minor revisions and corrections throughout. this new edition will consolidate the book's standing as the definitive study of Schopenhauer. `This is a book of many virtues and few vices...The book reads well. It deserves to be well read....surpass(es) all current English-language treatments of Schopenhauer' David Cartwright, Schopenhauer-Jahrbuch `an ambitious book and, on the whole, a highly readable one. Magee moves with confidence and ability among the connecting structures of philosophy, the history of ideas, the arts, and human psychology' Diane Collinson, Philosophical Quarterly `Magee's study should however not merely be reviewed but also read; for it is throrough, lucid and wide-ranging...a substantial work.' Times Higher Education Supplement `He brings out well the development of the German philosopher's thought, and the fact that in the course of doing so does some philosophising of his own increases the interest of the volume. Further, Schopenhauer's influence on a number of other eminent people is discussed much more at length than is usual in monographs on his philosophy. As for the author's criticism of Schopenhauer, it seems to me sound.' Frederick Copleston, The Month `Philosophers have long known that Schopenhauer was the first of the very few philosophers Wittgenstein studied intensely. Magee supplies the detail of the debt with impressive and original fullness. Bryan Magee may leave himself open to critical nigglings of various degrees of significance by his enthusiastic resolution to stand up for Schopenhauer, and not just to expound from a safe distance. The compensation is that his own excitement is communicated to the reader.' Anthony Quinton, the Times `il convient de saluer et d'apprecier, pour le public qui ne l'aurait pas encore lu, ce livre elegant, suggestif, perspicace...clair, excellent.' P. Trotignon, Revue Philosophique `Bryan Magge's book be welcomed as the most illuminating and admirable study of Schopenhauer's philosophy yet to appear in English.' I. B. Gleaves Wagner `He sets about the task of explaining Schopenahuer's ideas with a commitment and enthusiasm all too rare in philosophical writing, and succeeds admirably in communicating his excitement to his readers.' Sean Sayers, Philosophy and Psychology `Yhis is a wide-ranging bookand Mr Magee's enthusiasm makes it stimulating.' The Economist `Bryan Magee has given us an extremely well-organized book... an accurate and innovative introduction...Its great merit is that it takes Schopenhauer seriously and relates his work to contemporary concerns.' James Moulder, South African Journal of Philosophy.

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Bryan Magee's The Philosophy of Schopenhauer is the definitive study of Arthur Schopenhauer. Following a short biographical introduction, Magee comprehensively analyzes Schopenhauer's philosophical ... Leggi recensione completa

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Brian Magee is a noted philosopher, writer, critic, and broadcaster. His publications include Men of Ideas (1982), The Great Philosophers (1988), and (with Martin Milligan) On Blindness (1995). He has held visiting fellowships at Yale and Oxford Universities, among others. He has been Honorary
Senior Research Fellow in the History of Ideas at King's College, London since 1984, and he is an Honorary Fellow at Keble College, Oxford.

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