Neue Jahrbücher für Philologie und Paedagogik, Volume 51

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B.G. Teubner, 1847

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Pagina 64 - Pupil to fill up, and designed to accompany the above, 4to. each 4s. ; or together, sewed, 7s. 6d. The Geography of Palestine or the Holy Land, Including Phoenicia and Philistia: with a Description of the Towns and Places in Asia Minor visited by the Apostles. By W. M'Leod, Head Master of the Model School, Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea; late Master of th* Model School, Battersea.
Pagina 64 - Plans, Sections, and Details of the Church built by Constantine the Great over the Holy Sepulchre, now known as the Mosque of Omar. 16s., or 21s. half Kussia. London, Weale, 1847. NOTES ON THE SITE OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE AT JElttJSALEM. Being an Answer to the 'Edinburgh Review/ of Oct.
Pagina 64 - WILSON. -THE LANDS OF THE BIBLE VISITED AND DESCRIBED, in an Extensive Journey undertaken with special reference to the promotion of Biblical Research and the advancement of the Cause of Philanthropy. By John Wilson, DDFRS Honorary President of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.
Pagina 49 - JJ, voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grèce, dans le milieu du 4.
Pagina 302 - Descriptions of new species of organic remains from the upper Eocene limestone of Tampa Bay, Fla.: Am.
Pagina 66 - Considérations géologiques sur le Mont Salève et sur les Terrains des environs de Genève.
Pagina 66 - ... (Recherches sur les ossements fossiles découverts dans les cavernes de la province de Liège (Liège, 1833-1834)).
Pagina 39 - Das Urbild der deutschen Reinsprache, aus der Geschichte, dem Wesen und dem Geiste unserer Sprache dargestellt.
Pagina 302 - Shepard, on three new Mineral Species from Arkansas , and the Discovery of the Diamond in North Carolina.
Pagina 64 - HILL, Esq. Cloth, 2s. Geography and Sacred History of Syria, including Ancient Phoenicia, Palestine, or the Holy Land, with Idumea, made interesting. To which are added, interesting questions on the Geography, History, ifec., of the country of the Punjaub. By James J . Gaskiu, Author of " European Geography and History made interesting.

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