The Son of Man: The Story of Jesus

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Liveright, 1945 - 352 pagine
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The Son of Man gives a new interpretation of the life of the Savior.

The following paragraphs from Ludwig's Foreword to The Son of Man are the best description to this colorful biography: The author tells the story as if the tremendous consequences of the life he describes were unknown to him--as they were unknown to Jesus...My aim is to convince those who regard the personality of Jesus as artificially constructed, that he is a real and intensely human figure...Only by telling the story of a heart, can a book approximate the fulfillment of such a task. What interests us here is...the world of his own feelings. The development of that world of self-feeling, the aims and motives of the leader, his struggle and weaknesses and disappointments; the great spiritual battle between self-assertion and humility, between responsibility and discouragement, between the claims of his mission and his longing for personal happiness--these must be described.

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