Catalogue of Books, Maps, Plates on America, and of a Remarkable Collection of Early Voyages, Parte 1

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Frederik Muller, 1872 - 594 pagine

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Pagina 358 - The Unity of Law : As Exhibited in the Relations of Physical, Social, Mental and Moral Science (1872).
Pagina 340 - History of New York, from the beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty.
Pagina 299 - A Brief Statement of Opinions, given in the Board of Commissioners, under the Sixth Article of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation with Great Britain : With an Appendix...
Pagina 200 - A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon and Others, on the Mode of editing the Writings of Washington.
Pagina 227 - Collection of Voyages Undertaken by the Dutch EastIndia Company, for the Improvement of Trade and Navigation. Containing an Account of several Attempts to find out the North-East Passage, and their Discoveries in the East-Indies, and the South Seas.
Pagina 68 - The History of the United States of North America, from the Plantation of the British Colonies till their Revolt and Declaration of Independence.
Pagina 63 - Soto, & six hundred Spaniards his followers. Written by a Gentleman of Elvas, employed in all the action, and translated out of Portuguese by RICHARD HAKLUYT. Reprinted from the edition of 1611. Edited with Notes...
Pagina 369 - HISTORY of the colonization of the free states of antiquity, applied to the present contest between Great Britain and her American colonies.
Pagina 83 - Itinéraire pittoresque du fleuve Hudson et des parties latérales de l'Amérique du Nord...
Pagina 325 - Relation abrégée d'un voyage fait dans l'intérieur de l'Amérique méridionale, depuis la côte de la mer du Sud, jusqu'aux côtes du Brésil et de la Guyane, en descendant la Rivière des Amazones, par M.

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