Norton's Literary Letter: Comprising American Papers of Interest, and a Catalogue of Rare and Valuable Books Relative to America, Edizioni 1-4

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Charles B. Norton, 1857

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Pagina 34 - HAYDN'S DICTIONARY OF DATES, relating to all Ages and Nations. For Universal Reference. Edited by BENJAMIN VINCENT, Assistant Secretary and Keeper of the Library of the Royal Institution of Great Britain ; and Revised for the Use of American Readers.
Pagina 24 - The History of Pennsylvania, in North America, from the Original Institution and Settlement of that Province, under the first Proprietor and Governor William Penn, in 1681, till after the Year 1742, with an Introduction, respecting The Life of W.
Pagina 19 - New England's Memorial ; or, A brief relation of the most memorable and remarkable passages of the providence of God, manifested to the planters of New-England in America ; with special reference to the first colony thereof, called NewPlimouth.
Pagina 23 - A Collection of the Sufferings of the people called Quakers, for the testimony of a good conscience...
Pagina 38 - York, relative to their obtaining the Jurisdiction of that large District of Land to the westward from Connecticut River, which, antecedent thereto, had been patented by his Majesty's Governor and Council of the Government of New Hampshire.
Pagina 39 - Vindication of the Opposition of the inhabitants of Vermont to the Government of New York, and their Right to form an independent State...
Pagina 54 - ... luxurious chairs, and sleeping upon down, is as if one were bribing your body for the sake of cheating your mind. Is it not pitiable to see a man growing rich...
Pagina 53 - West, where taverns were scarce, and in some places unknown, and every settler's house was a house of entertainment, it was a matter of some importance and some experience to select wisely where you should put up. And we always looked for flowers. If there were no trees for shade, no patch of flowers in the yard, we were suspicious of the place. But no matter how rude the cabin, or rough the surroundings, if we saw that the window held a little trough for flowers, and that some vines twined about...
Pagina 22 - A Course of Instruction in the Elements of the Art and Science of War, for the Use of the Cadets of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 12mo, cloth $1 .75 Field Fortifications.
Pagina 5 - Miss BYFIELD. The Paper and Watermarks have also been made expressly, as near as possible, like the original; and the book is accompanied by a few remarks of a practical nature, which have been suggested during the progress of the fount, and the necessary study and comparison of Caxton 8 Works with those of his contemporaries in Germany, by Mr.

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