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Ray Society., 1854
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Pagina 106 - PHILLIPS.-AN ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO MINERALOGY; comprising a Notice of the Characters and Elements of Minerals; with Accounts of the Places and Circumstances in which they are found. By WILLIAM PHILLIPS, FLS MGS &c. 4th Edition, considerably augmented by R. ALLAN, FRSE 8vo. with numerous Cuts, 12s. cloth. PHILLIPS.-FIGURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF THE > PALEOZOIC FOSSILS of CORNWALL, DEVON, and WEST SOMERSET; observed in ' the course of the Ordnance Geological Survey of that District.
Pagina 179 - A geological and agricultural survey of the district adjoining the Erie canal in the state of New York.
Pagina 129 - GEOLOGICAL INQUIRY RESPECTING THE WATER-BEARING STRATA OF THE COUNTRY AROUND LONDON, with reference especially to the Water Supply of the Metropolis, and including some Remarks on Springs. By JOSEPH PRESTWICH, FGS, &o. 8vo, with a Map and Woodcuts, 8».
Pagina 59 - With Observations on the Osteology, Natural Affinities, and probable Habits of the Megatherioid Quadrupeds in general. By RICHARD OWEN, FRS, &c.
Pagina 70 - Description anatomique des parties de la femme qui servent à la génération, avec un traité des monstres, de leurs causes, etc.
Pagina 69 - DE). Voyages autour du monde et vers les deux pôles par terre et par mer pendant les années 1767-1776.
Pagina 99 - Fodinae regales; or the history laws and places of the chief mines and mineral works in England and Wales.
Pagina 580 - Index Testaceologicus ; or, a Catalogue of Shells, British and Foreign, arranged according to the Linnean System, with the Latin and English Names, References to Figures, and places where found, sm.
Pagina 64 - Description of certain Fossil Crania, discovered by AG BAIN, Esq., in Sandstone Rocks at the South-eastern Extremity of Africa, referable to different Species of an extinct Genus of Reptilia (DlCYNODON), and indicative of a new Tribe or Sub-order of Sauria.
Pagina 278 - Ground or North Sea, and on the set and velocity of the Tides, and the effects produced by their transporting power among the Virgin Islands. — Journ. Roy. Geogr. Soc. Lond. V. p. 23. 16. Expeditions for the Exploration of the interior of Guiana, the Upper Orinoco, Rio Negro and Rio Branco — Journ.

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