Museum Texts: Communication Frameworks

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Taylor & Francis, 2006 - 182 pagine
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Answering key questions in the study of how museums communicate, Louise Ravelli provides a set of frameworks to investigate the complexities of communication in museums: * What is an appropriate level of complexity for a written label? * Why do some choice in language make a more direct relation to visitors? * Is there a correct way of presenting a particular view of content? * How do design practices contribute to the overall meanings being made? The frameworks enhances the way we critically analyze and understand museums text, both in the sense of conventional written texts in museums and in an expanded sense of the museum as a whole operating as a communicative text. Using a wide range of examples to demonstrate that all communication needs to be understood in relation to its social context, Ravelli argues that communication contributes fundamentally to what a museum is, who it relates to and what it stands for. Not only museum studies and communications studies students, but also professionals in the field will find "Museum Texts "an indispensable guide on communication frameworks.

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using language
making texts accessible adjusting the level of complexity
using language to relate
using language
understanding exhibitions
integrating the frameworks

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