Dave Mason: The Making of a Man

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Trafford Publishing, 20 mar 2008
The story starts in 1945 in Palo Alto, California. Dave is a baseball pitcher who pitches a no-hitter in his last high school game. He leads his American Legion team to the regional championship.
Dave enrolls at small California Polytechnic College because he needs only a high school diploma. Dave was a poor high school student. The odds of his earning a degree in aeronautical engineering are poor.
In November, 1945 Dave meets Jill who is still his girl friend five years later.
In 1946 Dave becomes a Christian and joins the Presbyterian Church. In 1947 he learns about Eric Liddell, the gold medal winner of the 400 meters at the 1924 Olympics who became a missionary in China. Dave adopts the life style of Eric Liddell.
In 1949 Dave receives his degree beating the odds. He wins 31 baseball games in college and signs to play for the San Francisco Sea Lions of the Pacific Coast League.
Dave starts a career of appearances at Chevrolet dealers, autographing baseballs for kids. He joins Kiwanis.
Dave wins 23 games for the San Francisco Sea Lions and is purchased by the New York Dukes of the American League. During the 1950 season Dave wins 26 games for the Dukes and hits .326.
Before departing for Air Force Reserve Officer training because of the Korean War, Dave pitches a 5-0 shut out win for the Dukes in the third game of the World Series.

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