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SERMON LXV. -Ezek. xxxvi. 31.

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2 CORIN. xii. 9.

He said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee.


In the foregoing verses of this chapter, the Apostle relates an extraordinary revelation he had been favoured with, above fourteen years before the date of this epistle. He informs us, that "he was caught up into paradise," or “ the third heaven (whether in the body, or out of the body, he could not tell) where he heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful,” or possible," for a man to utter.” This probably happened soon after his conversion; and was graciously intended, either to remove those doubts and fears which the remembrance of his former conduct might naturally occasion, or rather to fortify bis mind against the trials and sufferings he was afterwards to meet with in the course of his ministry. One should imagine, that such a glorious manifestation could not be liable to any abuse. Wben Satan would have tempted our Lord to worship him, it was by giving him a sight and offer of all the kingdoms of this world; and we readily admit, that such a temptation might prove very fatal to us. Earthly objects bave indeed too pow. erful a tendency to inflame our sensual appetites, and to alienate our hearts from God; but surely no danger can be apprehended from a view of heaven. The glories of the upper world, a display of those things above, upon



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