A Smaller Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities: Abridged from the Larger Dictionary

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John Murray, 1868 - 474 pagine
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Pagina 93 - The client contributed to the marriage portion of the patron's daughter, if the patron was poor, and to his ransom, or that of his children, if they were taken prisoners ; he paid the costs and damages of a suit which the patron lost, and of any penalty in which he was condemned ; he bore a part of the patron's expenses incurred by his discharging public duties, or filling the honourable places in the state.
Pagina 355 - The stola was the characteristic dress of the Roman matrons, as the toga was of the Roman men. Hence the meretrices were not allowed to wear it, but only a dark-coloured toga, and accordingly Horace (Sat.
Pagina 309 - Formerly these troops had been recruited in Italy; and, as the adjacent provinces gradually imbibed the softer manners of Rome, the levies were extended to Macedonia, Noricum and Spain. In the room of these elegant troops, better adapted to the pomp of courts than to the uses...
Pagina 269 - ... and proclaimed the amount of his debt. If no person released the prisoner by paying the debt, the creditor might sell him as a slave or put him to death. If there were several creditors, the letter of the law...
Pagina 411 - Their chief office was to watch by turns, night and day, the everlasting fire which blazed upon the altar of Vesta, its extinction being considered as the most fearful of all prodigies, and emblematic of the extinction of the state. If such misfortune befell, and was caused by the carelessness of the priestess on duty, she was stripped and scourged by the pontifex maximus, in the dark and with a screen interposed, and he rekindled the flame by the friction of two pieces of wood from a felix arbor.
Pagina 46 - In the Greek states the temples, altars, sacred groves, and statues of the gods, generally possessed the privilege of protecting slaves, debtors, and criminals, who fled to them for refuge. The laws, however, do not appear to have recognised the right of all such sacred places to afford the protection which was claimed...
Pagina 195 - ... people, who presented each of them with a rudis or wooden sword ; whence those who were discharged were called Rudiarii. Gladiators were divided into different classes, according to their arms and different mode of fighting, or other circumstances. The names of the most important of these classes...
Pagina 144 - The large room on the right of the peristyle is the triclinium ; beside it is the kitchen ; the smaller apartments which surround it and the atrium are chambers for the use of the family. The one next to the private entrance into the peristyle is called the library, and is lighted by the window, of which a view has been already given from without, p.

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